September Giveaway: Wacom One Pen Display


Wacom One gives photographers and illustrators an entry point to try the creative pen display experience, creating and making image edits directly on a tablet screen. Wacom One has a paper-like natural surface friction across its 13.3-inch screen. The Wacom One pen is wireless, doesn't need batteries, and has 4,096 pressure levels. You can also use pens from several other manufacturers that are compatible with the Wacom One.

With this creative pen display you can use your preferred software application to edit and enhance photographs, paint, sketch, draw out ideas, annotate documents, edit video, and share.  The tablet connects to your Mac or PC with Wacom's X-shape cable, which requires HDMI and USB port connection. It comes with an AC adapter, but you can also power it from a USB battery pack.

Enter for a chance to win the Wacom One, valued at $399.95, courtesy of Wacom. 

Artist: Hannah Warren

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