February Giveaway: Shimoda Explore 30 Starter Kit

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The Shimoda Explore 30 Starter Kit is designed for a wide range of users, from photographers who need to stay agile to those who have smaller torsos. It has a height-adjustable harness and a removable belt to ensure a good fit.

The Explore 30 is compatible with Shimoda’s Women’s Strap Collection, developed and tested with the help of a team of women adventure photographers. The Technical Strap has features consistent with the original Shimoda shoulder strap design and is a favorite with women with a large bust and shoulder width. The Simple Strap is intentionally straightforward, with points to connect accessories and a shape that contours around the chest area in a lightweight and breathable form. This style is popular with women with a medium bust and shoulder width.

A $359.85 value, courtesy of Shimoda

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