Backup strategies to keep your photos safe

August 2018 issue Business

Photographs, edited images, schedules, orders, receivables, and on and on: When you’re a professional photographer, your business is dependent on your computer and the data it stores. When that computer experiences a catastrophic failure, what’s your recovery strategy? Do you have a business continuation plan?© Gail Nogle Dan FergusonElectronics and mechanical devices fail. While some electronic parts of your computer are quick and painless to replace (modem, router, keyboard), your... Continue Reading >

Efficiency is the road to profitability, says this volume photographer

November 2017 issue Business

© Andrew FauldsThere’s a common notion among pro photographers that they have to choose volume or art. The idea is that quality declines as speed increases and that a fast-paced, high-volume environment is not conducive to high-quality work.But is that necessarily true?Andrew Faulds, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, is a photographer for the Scottsdale, Arizona, branch of Cilento Photography, a division of Lifetouch. He spends an average of one hour per portrait session. Yet Faulds has racked up... Continue Reading >

13 productivity tips

February 2016 issue Business

What I learned at Adobe MaxEach year Adobe Systems presents its Adobe Max Creativity Conference  showcasing products that will hit the market soon and revealing what the company envisions for the future. But the real value to most participants is the bounty of sessions presented by industry educators. Participants  get a creative boost and learn some helpful tricks. Presenters acknowledge that most users have a preference for either a Lightroom or Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) workflow;... Continue Reading >