Charmi Patel Peña dazzles her wedding clients

October 2019 issue Profiles

Charmi Patel Peña © Charmi Patel PeñaCharmi Patel Peña is working with a fashion designer. Not to photograph their latest clothing line but to identify an appropriate outfit for Patel Peña to wear while working. “I would like to not wear pants and a top to these weddings,” she says. She wants something “Indian enough” to help her blend in but comfortable and functional enough to remain agile. Indian weddings are elaborate celebrations—wardrobe, jewelry, and decor in more... Continue Reading >

Jeff Cooke makes a movie out of life

October 2019 issue Profiles

Jeff Cooke © Cooked PhotographyJeff Cooke has just returned from Greece, where he photographed a friend’s wedding. Or, rather, he photographed a client’s wedding. For Cooke, who’s based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, “friend” and “client” are interchangeable. That’s part of the Cooked Photography business model.“I never want to be a vendor at a wedding,” Cooke says. “I want to feel like I’m a guest, a friend. People say, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re the photographer, we... Continue Reading >

How-to: A grand wedding composite

9.25.2019 Tech

Photographer: Charmi Patel PeñaDate: June 23, 2019   Location: The Ritz-Carlton PhiladelphiaSubject: Shauna and Saheelan and their large bridal partyEquipment: Nikon D850, 28mm 1.8 lens, Speedlight, and Magmod grid/sphere combo.Notes from the photographer: Shauna was extremely glam and wanted a glam bridal party photo. A single light just wouldn’t have produced the vision she wanted. Knowing this is a busy lobby, we started by posing everyone in their places, starting with the... Continue Reading >

Anatomy of an image: Destination wedding in Greece

9.25.2019 News

Photographer: Jeff CookeDate: May 31, 2019Location: Monemvasia, GreeceSubject: Darcy and Justin GregoireCircumstances: Wedding dayEquipment: Nikon Z6 camera with Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G lens; minor edits using DVLOP preset Passages in Adobe Lightroom.Jeff Cooke’s comments: “Monemvasia is located on a small island on the coast of the Peloponnese. During the days leading up to the wedding, we visited this town several times and one time hiked to the top of the island. Along... Continue Reading >

Kesha Lambert digs deep for outstanding wedding photos

September 2019 issue Profiles

© Kesha Lambert Kesha Lambert will speak at Imaging USA 2020.The young bride was heartbroken. Just one day after her fun-filled wedding she learned the reason her grandmother had not attended the ceremony was that she had suffered a massive stroke, says Kesha Lambert, who had photographed the wedding.A week later, the grandmother remained unresponsive and non-verbal. Her prognosis was grim. Rushing to her grandmother’s bedside, the new bride fought back tears. She told her grandmother... Continue Reading >