Making a connection: Jos and Tree WoodSmith thrive on authenticity

February 2020 issue Profiles

Passion. It’s a word that pops up often when talking with Portland, Oregon-based wedding photographers Jos and Tree WoodSmith. “We are passionate about photographing weddings,” says Tree, on break from a hectic photography schedule. “One of the reasons we feel this passion is because weddings are so ripe for emotion and connection. In fact, each wedding is like a marketplace for emotions, and we enjoy the challenge to capture them.”Capturing the emotions and preserving the... Continue Reading >

Go your own way: James Ferrara’s signature style

February 2020 issue Profiles

It could be James Ferrara’s background in film that gives his work a free-flowing, cinematic feel. Fifteen years of working on movie, television, and commercial sets developed in him an intuitive sense of movement and staging. Or it could be his longtime passion for the still image, launched in high school and carried on for years as a hobby.Whatever it is, it works. And it sells.Looking for a creative outlet that he could control, Ferrara, M.Photog.Cr., began shooting the occasional... Continue Reading >

How they did it: An electrical wedding portrait

1.25.2020 Tech

Portland, Oregon-based photographers Jos and Tree WoodSmith pride themselves on capturing a wedding’s unscripted moments. But they also look to provide a jaw-dropping post-wedding portrait to the bride and groom. To that end they typically scout a setting that boasts a dramatic landscape or architectural feature to serve as backdrop. The composition and settings are planned ahead of time so they can capture the image as soon as the couple appears on site, often before the reception... Continue Reading >

PPA offers degree for wedding photographers

January 2020 issue News

Establish your wedding credFifty-two percent of Professional Photographers of America members report that wedding photography makes up a portion of their business. With a majority of members engaging in this type of photography, PPA decided it was time to create a master of wedding photography degree targeted at this specialty. Earning the degree enables wedding photographers to improve their skills and knowledge in this unique niche as well as establish credibility with clients.The degree... Continue Reading >

Can you do in-person sales online? The Blumes say yes

December 2019 issue Business

Eileen and Phillip Blume had run their photography studio outside of Atlanta for several years when they realized their sales model wasn’t working. Like many photographers, the Blumes were intimidated by the idea of selling directly to clients, so after each wedding or portrait session, they’d put up an online gallery, invite clients to log on, and then hope for the best.© The Blumes Phillip and Eileen Blume will present a session at Imaging USA 2020.The images were good. The... Continue Reading >

Eric Floberg: A better model for wedding video

November 2019 issue Profiles

© Eric Floberg Eric Floberg will speak at Imaging USA 2020.When Eric Floberg started making wedding videos, he gave clients what he thought they wanted. After filming all day, he’d create long montages covering everything from the bride getting ready to the ceremony to the reception, the speeches, the dances, everything. It was a traditional soup-to-nuts approach that covered all the bases but wasn’t artistically fulfilling to create; neither did it differentiate his work from that of... Continue Reading >

Charmi Patel Peña dazzles her wedding clients

October 2019 issue Profiles

Charmi Patel Peña © Charmi Patel PeñaCharmi Patel Peña is working with a fashion designer. Not to photograph their latest clothing line but to identify an appropriate outfit for Patel Peña to wear while working. “I would like to not wear pants and a top to these weddings,” she says. She wants something “Indian enough” to help her blend in but comfortable and functional enough to remain agile. Indian weddings are elaborate celebrations—wardrobe, jewelry, and decor in more... Continue Reading >