Beauty in the Basics: Scott Robert Lim Teaches the Fundamentals

September 2020 issue Profiles

With over 70 international photography awards to his name, Scott Robert Lim, Cr.Photog., has clearly mastered his craft. But what motivates the accomplished wedding and portrait photographer at this point in his career is less about gathering more hardware and more about sowing altruism.“I have a drive to be a better photographer but not necessarily to win another award,” Lim says. “What turns me on and makes me happy, what pushes me—the why in what I do—is that I want others to... Continue Reading >

Vicens Forns Is Married to His Art

September 2020 issue Profiles

When Vicens Forns moved from Barcelona to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010, it was an exercise in reinvention. Seeking a new start at the height of an international recession, Forns turned to something he’d loved since he was a little boy: photography. Forns’ father and grandfather were hobbyist photographers. And now Forns would pick up the camera professionally, first doing architectural and real estate photography before finding his true passion: photographing people. He photographed... Continue Reading >

Muñoz Photography: The Family Business

June 2020 issue Profiles

When the Muñoz brothers—Tom, Mario, Armando, and Marceliano—say photography is in their blood, they’re not just using a turn of phrase. Photography is literally in their blood line.“We’re fourth-generation photographers. Our great-grandfather started a photography business in Cuba over a century ago,” says Tom, 37, as he sits with his brother Mario in their Fort Lauderdale, Florida, studio, Muñoz Photography. “Then my grandfather Tomas continued it and came to Miami in 1961,... Continue Reading >

Wedding Photographer Richard Israel Embraces the Art of Authenticity

June 2020 issue Profiles

© Richard Israel Whatever work you love, that is what you should be doing, not what the crowd is doing.” - Richard IsraelWhen it comes to artistic expression, Richard Israel has always zigged when everyone else zagged. Since transitioning to wedding photography from a hair styling career around the turn of the 21st century, he has been on a relentless pursuit of authenticity, even if that means walking away from what’s on trend sometimes.An early adopter of digital photography, Israel... Continue Reading >

10 Things Photographers Can Do Right Now

4.2.2020 Business

There's no reason to be boredThe coronavirus has sent photographers scrambling. The immediate impact is unavoidable, but there are ways we can embrace what's happening and prepare for the better days ahead by doing everything we can to ensure that our businesses survive this pandemic.Here are 10 things wedding photographers can do right now:© Faye Dowdy1. List everything you have to do in order of importance. Include all the things you'd doing normally be doing, like managing your... Continue Reading >

Making a connection: Jos and Tree WoodSmith thrive on authenticity

February 2020 issue Profiles

Passion. It’s a word that pops up often when talking with Portland, Oregon-based wedding photographers Jos and Tree WoodSmith. “We are passionate about photographing weddings,” says Tree, on break from a hectic photography schedule. “One of the reasons we feel this passion is because weddings are so ripe for emotion and connection. In fact, each wedding is like a marketplace for emotions, and we enjoy the challenge to capture them.”Capturing the emotions and preserving the... Continue Reading >

Go your own way: James Ferrara’s signature style

February 2020 issue Profiles

It could be James Ferrara’s background in film that gives his work a free-flowing, cinematic feel. Fifteen years of working on movie, television, and commercial sets developed in him an intuitive sense of movement and staging. Or it could be his longtime passion for the still image, launched in high school and carried on for years as a hobby.Whatever it is, it works. And it sells.Looking for a creative outlet that he could control, Ferrara, M.Photog.Cr., began shooting the occasional... Continue Reading >