Eric Floberg: A better model for wedding video

November 2019 issue Profiles

© Eric Floberg Eric Floberg will speak at Imaging USA 2020.When Eric Floberg started making wedding videos, he gave clients what he thought they wanted. After filming all day, he’d create long montages covering everything from the bride getting ready to the ceremony to the reception, the speeches, the dances, everything. It was a traditional soup-to-nuts approach that covered all the bases but wasn’t artistically fulfilling to create; neither did it differentiate his work from that of... Continue Reading >

Quick look: Virtual reality camera

May 2019 issue Tech

180 and 360 degrees© Courtesy Human EyesThe Vuze XR from HumanEyes is a dual 2D 360 and 3D 180 virtual reality camera. Its dual lens design can capture 2D 360-degree views as well as stereoscopic 3D VR180 video. Still captures are 18 megapixels, and video capture is 5.7K 30fps.You can make captures with the camera that allow clients to literally look around and see what it’s like to be in your studio or on location during a shoot. Wearing 3D goggles or glasses (or even inexpensive... Continue Reading >

Pocket cinema: A look at the DJI Osmo Pocket Camera

February 2019 issue Tech

Beyond the novelty of being a petite stabilized video camera, the DJI Osmo Pocket offers a string of surprisingly nifty functions. DJI makes the most of the Osmo’s three-axis stabilizer with features like Active Track that follows the subject of your choice, Face Track to keep a face in the center of the frame as you shoot, and FPV mode, which uses the gimbal’s position to follow your point of view.© Courtesy DJIOther creative options: Shoot 3x3 or 180-degree panoramas, make... Continue Reading >

Loupedeck Plus Now Edits Video

9.20.2018 News

Loupedeck, makers of the Loupedeck Plus editing console, has announced a new integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing. Loupedeck claims the Loupedeck Plus will make video editing faster, more intuitive, and more affordable than other options in the industry. The device offers native integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and has all of the Premiere Pro functions available on the device.New video editing functions:Faster video editing and color correction with all basic tools... Continue Reading >

Video and the Nikon D850

1.24.2018 Tech

The Nikon D850 is the flagship of Nikon’s centennial year, a summation of everything its designers know about what photographers want from a camera. But how is it as a video camera? Like all hybrid still/video cameras, it’s not a perfect filmmaking machine. But those shortcomings may only matter to dedicated video shooters. For still photographers who shoot video, the Nikon D850 serves as an extremely capable digital video camera. Format sizeAs a novice filmmaker, I really appreciate... Continue Reading >

Video raised the bar for this commercial photographer

October 2017 issue Profiles

The addition of "Motion" was exactly what John Sterling Ruth’s clients wantedCalling John Sterling Ruth a perpetual motion machine may be an exaggeration. But it’s a small one.Standing in his massive, 4,000-square foot commercial studio, which he renovated from a 200-year-old barn he rescued in 1995, he explains he’s been hard to pin down for an interview because of his work and travel schedule. “I’ve been called a workaholic, and I suppose I can’t deny that,” the 50-year-old... Continue Reading >

VR 101: A guide to virtual reality and 360-degree video

1.18.2017 Business

Virtual reality is enjoying a growth spurt, with industry leaders from Facebook and Google to Nikon and Samsung working to make their mark with networks, headsets, and cameras. As  VR advances and attracts the interest of photographers, videographers, and consumers, there's still confusion on what it is and how it will affect photography.VR is computer-generated content that simulates a real-world or fantastical experience. It requires playback in a headset of some type, so visuals must be in... Continue Reading >

Get Better Video

May 2016 issue Tech

Blackmagic Video Assist DVR: Codecs, Color Sampling and CardsEver since the DSLR first started making waves as a serious, high-definition video capture device, there have been a number of sacrifices made for video capture on DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable-lens (MIL) cameras. Some of those sacrifices include lower quality video compression, lower quality color sampling and bit depth, no peaking or zebra stripes (explained later), and file conversion needed for editing. These sacrifices... Continue Reading >

Weddings in motion

September 2015 issue Profiles

Victoria Grech began her journey into professional photography like so many people bitten by the shutterbug: She discovered the magic of capturing a great photograph. Straight out of school, the London-based Grech passed up an opportunity to take over her family’s fashion business and instead went into investment banking. For nine years, she worked in the business of making money until a vacation to Kenya changed her perspective. To take better photos on the trip, she purchased a digital SLR... Continue Reading >