Generation Real: Decoding the Gen Z Client

December 2020 issue Profiles

When Renee Bowen launched her senior portrait business in suburban Los Angeles in 2007, her clients were millennial teens hungry to post her images all over social media. But in 2014, she began to notice a shift in clients’ attitudes toward marketing and photographic style. She realized she was witnessing the transition into a new and different group of teenagers, Generation Z. Fascinated by this fresh crop of clients and how she could tailor her offerings and marketing to appeal to their... Continue Reading >

How to Maximize Social Media for Better Business Results

June 2020 issue Business

Social media has changed the landscape of modern marketing. It’s today’s mass media, woven into the fabric of contemporary communications. But it’s not a free nor an easy medium. To effectively reach a target audience, photographers need to invest valuable time and develop a cogent strategy to make the most out of the social tools available.Shama Hyder, digital strategist and CEO of the global marketing firm Zen Media, points out that entrepreneurs need to approach social media as a... Continue Reading >

In real life: Nichole Manner connects with seniors

August 2019 issue Profiles

© Nichole Manner Photographer Nicole MannerA phone consultation with a teenager? That’s unusual, says photographer Nichole Manner, M.Photog. These days, teens avoid talking on the phone like the plague. So nine times out of 10, Manner’s pre-session phone consultation to gather information about the subject’s interests and personality is a conversation between herself and the subject’s parent. Nevertheless, she makes an effort to connect with teens directly via their preferred... Continue Reading >

5 ways to tweet smart

December 2018 issue Business

Each social media site has its own norms, and some strategies work better than others for making connections and gaining respect in the social sphere. Gain momentum with this list of Twitter do's from business book author and podcaster Scott Stratten, who will deliver a keynote at Imaging USA 2019 in Atlanta. © Professional Photographers of America Continue Reading >

5 ways to use Instagram for your photography business

May 2018 issue Business

INSTA is the way to goThere's been a drastic reduction of organic reach for businesses on social media as some platforms have narrowed the pipelines between you and your clients for unpaid posts. Trends show that Instagram is the place to go for small and medium-size businesses. As an image-driven app, Instagram is the perfect place to show your photography and let potential clients, particularly Generation Z, get to know you. How is your social strategy working? Does it need an update? Here,... Continue Reading >

3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make, and the Solutions

November 2017 issue News

Running a small photography business is tough and you're bound to make mistakes. But here are three you can avoid, thanks to insight from Ryan Estis, who has 20 years' of sales and leadership experience and will deliver the keynote at Imaging USA 2018:© Ryan EstisMistake No. 1: Letting success breed complacency. “I see this often and I am a victim of it myself with my own business. Things will be good, we have a level of success, and we plateau,” he says. But what was good enough to... Continue Reading >

Get noticed: Marketing tips to stoke profit

October 2017 issue Business

You may be a talented photographer, but if you don’t set your business apart from the pack, you won’t win clients, which is key to profitability.© Darty Hines Photographer Darty HinesDarty Hines, Cr.Photog., who will present the session “How to Get Noticed in the Crowd” at Imaging USA 2018, offers tips:Get social, really. It’s one thing to open a social media account for your business; it’s another to really engage with your audience. To rev up the interaction, post... Continue Reading >

Stay on script: Marketing do’s and don’ts for photographers

September 2017 issue Business

What you need is a consistent messageOverwhelming. It’s a word Sacramento-based photographer and much-in-demand marketing consultant Teri Fode uses a lot, especially when she describes the pressures photographers face to keep their businesses prospering.“Almost every photographer I meet tells me it is overwhelming to keep up with the rapidly changing world of social media and other marketing tools,” says Fode. “I hear them. They’re faced with the prospect of learning about and... Continue Reading >