Bring high-end lighting to school portraits

November 2018 issue Tech

Photographers Neal Freed and Bryan Blanken of Freed Photography transitioned from full-time wedding photography to school photography and succeeded by bringing a high-end portrait look to school photos. Here are some tips from Freed and Blanken on achieving a superior portrait in the rapid fire pace of school photos. They’ll share more at their Imaging USA program in January.Gabi Wright is a photographer in Silver Spring, Maryland. Continue Reading >

Performing arts photography can be a lucrative sideline

April 2018 issue Business

Add $50K or more to your bottom line© Terry Bateman Photographer Terry Bateman“Once you’ve been involved in performing arts, it gets in your blood,” says Terry Bateman, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, a veteran of performing arts and music programs in his school days. “It’s something that stays with you, becomes part of you.”In 1979, Bateman was able to translate his affinity for the performing arts into a budding photography career when a local lab hired him to photograph some nearby... Continue Reading >