A Wedding Sales Process that Prepares Clients to Buy

November 2020 issue Business

The wedding industry has seen tremendous upheaval in recent months. Events are evolving. Client preferences are changing. But good news: the fundamentals of booking, photographing, and selling weddings still apply.Even in these unusual times, Kristin and Paul Privette’s studio, Footstone Photography in Gainesville, Florida, has landed wedding sales to clients from $2,000 to $50,000. The higher end of that range emerges as the result of a structured sales process built on client education,... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Tame the Fear of No

November 2020 issue Business

© Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsOften, fear becomes an obstacle to achieving our dreams or goals in life. Would you rather sharpen your camera skills or maybe pore over hours of retouching videos than have a real life conversation with a client? In the sales room, are you more of an order taker than a strategic consultant with a well-crafted plan to recommend products that will solve your clients’ problems? If you answered yes to either question you are not alone. If you’re like me,... Continue Reading >

Map a Bright Financial Future

September 2020 issue Business

If it’s true that hindsight is 20/20, then shouldn’t I be able to look back in order to move forward? The pandemic has been a time for me to embrace change and anticipate a bright future. So while I was closed, I made it my 2020 goal to do just that.I started by evaluating the landscape. First, my brand. What does it stand for in the public eye? What does it say about me as a photographer and about my company overall? I discovered that my brand is strong among my target consumers. Then I... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Break the Vicious Cycle

June 2020 issue Business

© Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsIf you sometimes find yourself frustrated, confused, exhausted, or befuddled because of clients, you’re not alone. The gap between client and photographer seems to have grown over the years. Lots of fantastic image makers enter the profession and become dismayed at how difficult it is to create a sustainable business.Most photographers begin making photographs for the love of the art. They acquire education to enhance their technique and build their... Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Generate Revenue in the Next 90 Days

June 2020 issue Business

When it comes to generating revenue, there are myriad long-term strategies for building a more profitable business. Those fundamental building blocks are beneficial for the sustainable health of the business, but what about right now? Typically, when business owners need revenue, then need it right away.Carl Gould is a business coach and the author of the best-selling book “The 7 Stages of Small Business Success” (Keynote Publishing). He has ideas about what photographers can do in the... Continue Reading >

Steve Heroux: Be a success by believing in your worth

March 2020 issue Business

Change one thing and charge more moneyThere are many talented photographers. What separates the photographers with high rates and good sales from those struggling to make ends meet? In many cases, it’s not the quality of the photography. And it may not be the actual sales tech-niques, either—at least not entirely.Steve HerouxUNDERLYING BELIEF SYSTEMProfessional sales trainer and speaker Steve Heroux has trained thousands of salespeople on what he considers the right way to be... Continue Reading >

Where clients display photography in their homes

January 2020 issue Business

There are plenty of online and big-box options consumers can turn to for photographic prints. But according to consumer research conducted by Professional Photographers of America, photography clients overwhelmingly purchase their prints—wall art, canvases, small prints, holiday cards, and albums—from their photographer. Here's what they do with them. © Professional Photographer Continue Reading >

Great clients are made, not found

January 2020 issue Business

Does it ever feel like other studios are blessed with amazing, loyal, high-spending clients while you’re struggling with price shoppers and noncommittal customers? It doesn’t have to be that way, says Steve Saporito, a Melbourne, Australia-based photography consultant and educator.He’s also an Imaging USA 2020 speaker who has taught thousands of photographers how to find abundance in today’s photography market. He posits that the gap between high-performing studios and everyone else... Continue Reading >

Can you do in-person sales online? The Blumes say yes

December 2019 issue Business

Eileen and Phillip Blume had run their photography studio outside of Atlanta for several years when they realized their sales model wasn’t working. Like many photographers, the Blumes were intimidated by the idea of selling directly to clients, so after each wedding or portrait session, they’d put up an online gallery, invite clients to log on, and then hope for the best.© The Blumes Phillip and Eileen Blume will present a session at Imaging USA 2020.The images were good. The... Continue Reading >

How to get around the cost barrier with clients

November 2019 issue Business

Some photographers are hesitant to charge the prices required for maintaining a healthy business because they fear clients will balk. Cost can be a barrier, but it isn't insurmountable. Communicating with clients and explaining the ways hiring you will personally benefit them will justify the cost. Delivering the benefits you promise will open the door to referrals. © Professional Photographers of America Continue Reading >