5 tips on the business of photography from a century ago

February 2019 issue News

When it comes to business, some things never change. Even in 1914, when PPA’s member magazine was known as Abel’s Photographic Weekly, articles provided tips that still apply today.PUT BUSINESS FIRST. On being a professional: “In the first place, he was a good photographer, not just an amateur located under a skylight; secondly, he was something of an artist; and thirdly, and most important, he was in every sense a business man.”WORK HARD. On event photography: “First of all, let... Continue Reading >

Groundbreaking research reveals photography consumer needs

January 2019 issue News

What’s more important to consumers—the quality of your photos or how easy you are to work with? How soon do they expect to receive images after a session? Are they searching Google for a local photographer, or are they asking friends and family for recommendations?Until now, the answers to these questions were anyone’s guess. But PPA’s new Consumer Photography Buyers Study, conducted for the association by a third party, will finally provide reliable data revealing consumer... Continue Reading >

Questions lead to sales conversions

November 2018 issue Business

productive client conversations are essentialHas anyone ever gone into the business of photography for the love of sales? Possibly not. It’s the art of image making that draws photographers to the idea of becoming entrepreneurs. And while being a fantastic photographer is a good start, this alone will not make you a successful professional photographer. If you want to turn a healthy profit, then meeting your sales goals is essential.Phil M. JonesPhil M. Jones, a globally recognized... Continue Reading >

In-person sales ignited JoAnne and Jason Marino’s business

October 2018 issue Profiles

Lie down on the ground and snap photos of a bride and groom racing toward you on a motorcycle and a horse? No problem. Hang out the back of an SUV to capture images of an engaged couple driving down the road in a Corvette? Why not? Hop a last-minute 20-hour flight to Guyana to photograph the nuptials of a newly acquired client? Been there, done that. © Imagine Photography Jason and JoAnne MarinoInsanely adventurous wedding photography was once the bastion of JoAnne and Jason Marino’s... Continue Reading >

Bridging the gap between photographers and consumers

September 2018 issue News

Your favorite photography event has upped the ante. Imaging USA 2019, slated to kick off in Atlanta in January, promises to break new ground. Along with the blockbuster educational programming and epic parties for which PPA’s annual convention has long been known, unique programming will debut that promises to help photographers better connect with consumers.Unique new programmingPPA has embarked on an initiative to help bridge the gap between professional photographers and consumers.... Continue Reading >

Clone your best clients and lose the rest

September 2018 issue Business

It feels like a crush. An adored client calls to book another session, and your heart flutters at the thought of working with them again. No, you’re not in love … in that way. You’ve simply found your ideal client—the kind you wish you could replicate over and over and over again.© Mat Robinson Mike MichalowiczAnd what if you could? So many photographers run themselves ragged trying to serve any and every consumer who calls. But for a photography business (or any business, for... Continue Reading >

The dirty half-dozen: Photography sales mistakes

6.25.2018 Business

Insights from Bruce and Josh Hudson on common mistakesThe business of professional photography is full of potential hazards, especially when it comes to marketing and sales. But as established and highly profitable studios like Seattle’s Hudson's Portrait Design demonstrate, there is a roadmap for success. You just have to be willing to put in the work.© Hudson's Portrait DesignThe father-son team of Bruce Hudson, M.Photog.Cr, and Josh Hudson is proof that strategic methodologies... Continue Reading >

A portrait sales blueprint

July 2018 issue Business

Bruce and Josh Hudson share their formula for portrait sales successBehind every successful business is a successful system. Portrait photography is no exception. Over more than 35 years, Hudson's Portrait Design, located outside of Seattle, has established proven systems not only for driving strong sales but also building relationships that lead to years of repeat bookings from loyal clients. Now, the father-son duo of Bruce Hudson, M.Photog.Cr., and Josh Hudson share the blueprint to that... Continue Reading >

Tracie Maglosky found success through self-discipline. You can, too

May 2018 issue Profiles

What’s holding you back from achieving your professional and personal goals? Bad clients? Economic doldrums? Time? Rather than blame external forces, it’s time to look inward: It might actually be you.© Tracie Maglosky“It all starts with yourself and finding the freedom in discipline,” says photographer Tracie Maglosky from her Cincinnati, Ohio, studio. “I used to think I was such a free spirit, but I realized that discipline offers so much more freedom. When you develop a... Continue Reading >

The 90 percent solution for photography sales

May 2018 issue Profiles

Thirty-five years ago, when Bruce Hudson, M.Photog.Cr., and his late wife launched Hudson’s Portrait Design near Seattle, they handled proofing and sales like most studios at the time. Bruce would photograph a client, who came back a few weeks later to pick up paper proofs and take them home to review, calling the studio two weeks later to place an order. One common problem: Those two weeks often turned into two months, and sometimes into two years. The Hudsons sat on a growing pile of lost... Continue Reading >