An Ingenious Way to Build a Commercial Photography Portfolio

July 2020 issue Business

According to 54-year old Minneapolis-based commercial photographer Ken Friberg, his early career as an art director taught him ways to work with clients when he began his own photography career. “Because I had been in their shoes, I knew what clients wanted when they hired a photographer,” he says. But he also learned something equally important from his art director and agency days. “I learned the value of cold-calling,” says Friberg.Friberg built up his business as a beginning... Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Generate Revenue in the Next 90 Days

June 2020 issue Business

When it comes to generating revenue, there are myriad long-term strategies for building a more profitable business. Those fundamental building blocks are beneficial for the sustainable health of the business, but what about right now? Typically, when business owners need revenue, then need it right away.Carl Gould is a business coach and the author of the best-selling book “The 7 Stages of Small Business Success” (Keynote Publishing). He has ideas about what photographers can do in the... Continue Reading >

Painterly Portraits: Barbara MacFerrin’s New Take on the Old Masters

May 2020 issue Profiles

Barbara MacFerrin fell in love with photography when her father gave her a Minolta X-370 on her 17th birthday. But it would take her more than 20 years to realize her dream of becoming a professional photographer. “Looking back, I never thought that I could make a living taking pictures,” says the Boulder, Colorado-based, fine art portrait photographer.            © Barbara MacFerrin Portrait photographer Barbara MacFerrinAfter earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology,... Continue Reading >

3 iPad Apps for In-person Sales

April 2020 issue Business

IPads are lightweight, easy to use, and portable: Who wouldn’t like to use one for in-person sales sessions? While there are plenty of full-featured sales platforms you could consider using, here are three iOS-compatible apps worth looking at if you’d rather purchase something outright than pay a recurring subscription fee.Each one provides a pleasant user experience for clients while making your life a little easier as a studio manager. They all work directly on the iPad, can mirror... Continue Reading >

6 tips: how to connect with clients

March 2020 issue Business

It’s an unfortunate fact: You can give a client your best photographs ever, but if you don’t connect with them on a personal level during a session, they may not sing your praises. So what can you do to make them feel special and appreciated? Human behavior expert Vanessa Van Edwards, who gave the closing keynote at Imaging USA 2020, champions mirroring—noticing and copying aspects of a person’s verbal and body language—to make a connection with clients.Make eye contact—the... Continue Reading >

Product review: N-Vu sales platform

February 2020 issue Tech

© Courtesy N-VuIt’s no secret that a common weak point among photographers is sales. Photographers want to spend our time creating, not figuring out processes and systems for selling. That's where N-Vu comes in. N-Vu is a web-based sales platform for professional photographers. It’s versatile and can be used for in-person sales, online in-person sales (video or phone conferencing in real time from separate locations), and online sales galleries. But that’s just the tip of the... Continue Reading >

How to get around the cost barrier with clients

November 2019 issue Business

Some photographers are hesitant to charge the prices required for maintaining a healthy business because they fear clients will balk. Cost can be a barrier, but it isn't insurmountable. Communicating with clients and explaining the ways hiring you will personally benefit them will justify the cost. Delivering the benefits you promise will open the door to referrals. © Professional Photographers of America Continue Reading >

3 steps to small business success: Attract. Sell. Wow.

November 2019 issue Business

Do you have a business, a real business with a sustainable system to bring in clients, generate sales, and continue the process for years to come? What distinguishes a true business from someone pitching a craft is the ability to perpetuate the core business processes in a strategic way. So says Ramon Ray, founder of Smart Hustle Magazine, author of the book “The Celebrity CEO,” and an Imaging USA 2020 speaker. This reality can be difficult for creative pros, like photographers, who often... Continue Reading >

How to respond to sales objections

November 2019 issue Business

Rachel Marten, Cr.Photog., remembers all too clearly when the photography business just wasn’t cutting it financially for her family. The kids were getting older, college tuitions were looming on the horizon, and the family’s photography studio, Clark Marten Photography, then located in Columbus, Montana, was barely pulling in enough to make ends meet.© Clark Marten Photography Rachel Marten will speak at Imaging USA 2020.“We were stumbling over each other on the way to the poor... Continue Reading >

How to get your fine art displayed

October 2019 issue News

© Judith Pishnery Judy Pishnery will speak at Imaging USA 2020. Passion and creativity may have led you to a fine art photography project. But once you’ve poured your heart into the work, how do you get it seen and sold? Judith Pishnery, who will deliver the educational session “Insider’s Guide to Fine Art Photography” at Imaging USA 2020, offers three tips:Enter juried competitions. Also participate in portfolio reviews with recognized jurors and reviewers. This gets your... Continue Reading >