Product review: DxO Photo Lab 2

June 2019 issue Tech

If you care enough about the quality of your image captures to shoot raw format files, you want to process those files in software that extracts the highest quality image output. DxO OpticsPro software has earned a well-deserved place among the applications that can do the job, but it’s lacked some of the features that would make it a total image processing workflow package. After a name change to DxO PhotoLab and the addition of Nik U Point technology last year, the program only required a... Continue Reading >

Review: PortraitPro 18 Studio Max

February 2019 issue Tech

While many of us would rather outsource image retouching, it’s an exchange of creative control for greater time efficiency. PortraitPro 18 is an alternative, which is what initially drew me to Anthropic’s PortraitPro Studio Max several years ago when I reviewed version 15. Complete control: check. Improved efficiency: check. The original images shown in this review are straight from the camera, and retouches have been made solely with PortraitPro.The PortraitPro 18 Studio Max installer... Continue Reading >

Layer centric: Capture One 11 review

1.30.2018 Tech

Many portrait, wedding, and commercial professionals who require the highest quality and most precise range of adjustments in their raw conversions look to Phase One’s Capture One software. With the latest updates, even advanced amateurs are looking closely at Capture One to increase the quality of their image processing. With an abundance of new features, Capture One 11 is the most significant update in recent years.Notable new featuresEnhanced layers functionality Improved masking... Continue Reading >