Making bank on pop-up retail photography

10.14.2016 Business

© Dave StanaLooking for a way to supercharge profits from on-site printing? Consider pop-up retail. These temporary storefronts typically show up at malls and other shopping centers before holidays for themed pictures with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or for Halloween.Pop-up retail photography can be a lucrative endeavor, and it may be a lot more manageable than many photographers realize.The first step is securing a high-visibility location where you can attract the right customers.... Continue Reading >

Backyard dream studio

December 2015 issue Business

The perfect space for Steve HolmesWhen Steve Holmes started his full-time photography business in 2009, he began like many photographers, working from a spare room in his house. The space served its purpose and gave him the platform to launch his image-making career, but it was literally and figuratively constricting the business. Holmes wanted to move into a dedicated studio space, but he knew he needed to be smart about it.SITUATIONHolmes started his business in a spare bedroom that had... Continue Reading >

My studio: Jerry Ghionis’ chic Beverly Hills location

November 2014 issue Business

Jerry Ghionis, M.Photog.Cr., has been photographing professionally for 22 years. He began by assisting a prominent photographer and then in 1997 started his own business in Victoria, Australia. It grew to become one of the biggest studios in the country, photographing more than 300 weddings a year and employing 15 people.In 2007, Jerry opened a boutique studio in Melbourne, Australia, with the goal of providing a more personalized, luxurious experience for clients. He and his wife, Melissa... Continue Reading >