Branding: Be the opposite of normal

September 2019 issue Business

Before he was the Man in the Yellow Tux, Jesse Cole worked for a college summer baseball team in Gastonia, North Carolina. It was one of the worst baseball organizations in the country: About 200 fans showed up at each game, the team had $268 in the bank, and the organization was losing more than $100,000 a year.Cole thought hard about the business he was in. Was it baseball? No, not really. More than baseball, per se, people wanted to be entertained. And that’s where Cole and the team had... Continue Reading >

One grand plan: Selling a senior portrait package up front

December 2017 issue Business

© Nate Peterson"The greatest piece of advice I received early in my photography career was that every image should tell a story,” says Nate Peterson, M.Photog., CPP, owner of NP Design & Photography. When he began planning a restructure of his senior portrait business for better results, he recalled that advice and extended it further: If every image should tell a story, then every client should have their story told through a unique experience and a personalized collection of images.... Continue Reading >

Senior portraiture: the experience is everything

August 2017 issue Profiles

Taking high school senior photography beyond the portrait helps Maria Moore stand outThe senior portrait clients of Maria Moore, M.Photog., CPP, have been known to take a hike. Makeup flawlessly applied, hair perfectly coiffed, they might don rain boots, hitch up the skirts of their lovely formal dresses, and tromp through the woods surrounding Huntsville, Alabama, until they reach a creek that’s become one of Moore’s favorite sets. Once there, they glide into the water, sometimes soaking... Continue Reading >

8 email marketing options for your business

4.21.2017 Business

If you’re looking into email marketing services as a better way to take advantage of your email list, a simple web search may give you overwhelming results. So where do you start? And how do you determine what’s a good value? Or what features you need?The best email marketing service will vary depending on the size of your email list and the frequency of your email campaigns. So, first you need to think about what you want:How many clients do you plan to email? How frequently do you... Continue Reading >

Small town power

June 2016 issue Business

Marketing tips for small-town photographersRelocating is one of life’s biggest changes and hassles. Maybe you’re thinking of moving or have moved to a smaller town. Does your photography business have to suffer just because your potential client pool shrank? Not necessarily. Ever heard of being the big fish in the little pond?This topic was addressed on theLoop, PPA’s online community, where photographers pose questions to peers, offer advice, and learn from the trials and successes... Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: printed brochures

October 2015 issue Business

Q. My brochures are out of date and need to be reprinted. My current brochure includes pricing and session fees. Should I keep that info? Or should I entirely rethink using printed brochures for marketing?A. Most of my clients are consumers who want to hold tangible products in their hands. You cannot overestimate the power of the sense of touch. It’s appealing to them to be able to handle our products and feel the texture. In fact, when speaking about our canvas portraits, I invite clients... Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: multiple websites

September 2015 issue Business

Q. I do both fine art and event photography. From a marketing standpoint, is it better to have a separate website for each specialty or should I keep a single cohesive website with galleries of both types of my work?A. A good question to ask yourself when debating a marketing question is, Who is my client? In this scenario, a client looking for fine-art photography doesn’t want to see table shots from your most recent event work. These two types of photography are worlds apart in approach... Continue Reading >