You Don’t Have to Print In-House to Print Fine Art

8.6.2020 Business

There’s nothing like the permanence and value of print, but many photographers don’t have the resources, space, or volume to justify having a fine art printer in their own home or studio.If you’re considering adding fine art prints to your selection of products, it’s not difficult to give it a try without a huge investment. There are several long-established print medium manufacturers from which to choose a paper that complements your style. And there are still many digital printing... Continue Reading >

Jason and JoAnne Marino discuss in-person sales

9.25.2018 Business

How'd you like to grow your business 400 to 500 percent? Jason and JoAnne Marino of Imagine Photography made it happen by switching to in-person sales. Here's what they say about in-person sales, print products, and their move from wedding to portrait photography. RELATED: Learn more about the Marinos' in-person sales journey Continue Reading >