Where clients display photography in their homes

January 2020 issue Business

There are plenty of online and big-box options consumers can turn to for photographic prints. But according to consumer research conducted by Professional Photographers of America, photography clients overwhelmingly purchase their prints—wall art, canvases, small prints, holiday cards, and albums—from their photographer. Here's what they do with them. © Professional Photographer Continue Reading >

Research: Regardless of their age, consumers want prints

August 2019 issue Business

Consumers of all ages value printed photographs. While popular culture stereotypes may have you believing that millennials are only interested in digital photographs, research by PPA shows they want to buy printed photographs just as much as older clients do. In fact, there was no significant difference between millennial (born 1981-1996), Generation X (born 1965-1980), and baby boomer (born 1946-1964) consumers in their desire to purchase prints after a session with a professional... Continue Reading >

Review: Epson Legacy Textured photo paper

6.20.2019 Tech

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of an image printed on the kind of matte paper traditionally used for watercolor painting. For those who make prints in-house or outsource our prints to a photo lab, there are many inkjet-compatible papers from which to choose. Epson has just released their newest version, called Legacy Textured. ­Epson Legacy Textured is 100% cotton on a mold-made paper base with a heavily textured surface and no optical brightening agents (OBAs). The paper is... Continue Reading >