On Solid Ground: Profitability and Sustainability are Foundational

October 2020 issue Business

© Jonathan Betz Photography Lindsay BetzPhotography is an amazing medium for creativity and art. For people who desire to own a photography business, the opportunities are vast. I believe that any photographer with the drive, determination, and willingness to put in the work can achieve a profitable and sustainable photography business.The longer my husband and I have been in business and the more I teach on topics of business health, the more I realize the essential nature of... Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Generate Revenue in the Next 90 Days

June 2020 issue Business

When it comes to generating revenue, there are myriad long-term strategies for building a more profitable business. Those fundamental building blocks are beneficial for the sustainable health of the business, but what about right now? Typically, when business owners need revenue, then need it right away.Carl Gould is a business coach and the author of the best-selling book “The 7 Stages of Small Business Success” (Keynote Publishing). He has ideas about what photographers can do in the... Continue Reading >

Phyllis Kuykendall found her pricing sweet spot

May 2020 issue Profiles

© Phyllis Kuykendall Photographer Phyllis KuykendallJust outside Fort Worth, Texas, Phyllis Kuykendall, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, runs Lilly Blue Photography on three verdant acres of land. On the property are a weathered, vintage truck, a rope swing adorned with floral garland, a swimming pool, and an old barn recently outfitted with a 12x20-foot bay and various backgrounds. It’s an idyllic setting that offers an ample variety of textures and backgrounds for high school senior portraits. And it... Continue Reading >

Raise Prices Without Stressing Yourself Out

May 2020 issue Business

Raising rates is scary. You’ve worked hard to build up your clientele, and there’s a natural fear that bumping up prices will alienate some of your hard-earned clients. However, raising prices is an essential part of any business’s evolution, especially a creative, service-oriented business like photography.Samantha Bennett is a business coach to creative pros, a speaker, and author of the bestselling book “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day.”... Continue Reading >

How Diaja carved a path to conceptual photography success

March 2020 issue Profiles

Unfailing confidenceCeres Henry was walking with a friend in Harlem one day three years ago when they passed by the recently opened X Gallery. Henry, artistically known as Diaja, was then a fledgling photographer and told her friend, “Let me just pop in and see.”“The curator [Lisa DuBois] was there, and I just walked up and said, How can I get my work into this gallery?” Diaja didn’t have her portfolio with her but showed DuBois some of her images on Instagram. “And she was... Continue Reading >

5 tips for new photographers

December 2019 issue Business

© Steve Kozak Steve Kozak will present sessions at Imaging USA 2020.For newbies who have recently taken the plunge into a photography career, there are some important things to keep in mind, according to Steve Kozak, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, who will deliver the session “The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro” at Imaging USA 2020 in Nashville.1. Price yourself to succeed. “Pricing yourself too low will result in the frustration that you’re not making enough money for your time and... Continue Reading >

Sandra Coan turned a side hustle into six figures

June 2019 issue Profiles

© Sandra Coan Sandra CoanSandra Coan almost wasn’t the subject of this magazine feature. In fact, she almost wasn’t a professional photographer. To be more accurate, she almost didn’t continue to be a professional photographer.Like so many photographers who evolve from hobbyist to part time to full-time practice, Coan struggled mightily to make her business work. A former kindergarten teacher, she transitioned into professional photography after doing maternity portraits for... Continue Reading >

5 tips on the business of photography from a century ago

February 2019 issue News

When it comes to business, some things never change. Even in 1914, when PPA’s member magazine was known as Abel’s Photographic Weekly, articles provided tips that still apply today.PUT BUSINESS FIRST. On being a professional: “In the first place, he was a good photographer, not just an amateur located under a skylight; secondly, he was something of an artist; and thirdly, and most important, he was in every sense a business man.”WORK HARD. On event photography: “First of all, let... Continue Reading >

Malinda Julien’s two-pronged photography studio

December 2018 issue Profiles

"It’s kind of an odd combination,” admits Malinda Julien, CPP. Her Fort Worth, Texas, photography business has two divisions: one dedicated to high-volume dog show photography and another to commercial and editorial work with a focus on food and architecture. Malinda Julien © Malinda Julien“Twenty-five percent of our business is from the dog show world,” Julien explains, which earns the family-run company a whopping $250,000 a year. Since dog shows are contracted for five years,... Continue Reading >