Imaging USA 2021 Goes Virtual

9.3.2020 News

With pressures mounting over the continued COVID-19 pandemic combined with looming event deadlines and deliverables, Professional Photographers of America announced plans to move Imaging USA 2021 into a virtual conference space. Included in the move are all facets of the event, including keynotes, pre-conference classes, educational programs, the Imaging Expo, photography exhibits, meetings, social activities, and awards ceremonies.Moving the event to a virtual format does not mean it will... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Wake Up the Child Within

6.25.2020 Business

© Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsHow to Reignite your Creativity Many of you sought out this wonderful profession after picking up a camera and falling in love with the images—that incredible feeling of seeing a scene from a different perspective or of capturing a spontaneous moment of someone you love. No matter what led you to the profession, I think we can safely say it ultimately comes down to a passion for the creative process. Waking up that small child within us to create... Continue Reading >

Q&A: How have you kept busy during the coronavirus lockdown?

June 2020 issue News

As the pandemic began sweeping through the United States in March, photographers were forced to pause sessions to prevent the virus’ spread. But that doesn’t mean anyone stopped working. In the first month of the new nationwide stay-at-home norm, Professional Photographer checked in with PPA members to see how they were coping and what they were doing to keep busy, continue learning, and remain relevant during this unprecedented crisis.© Courtesy Kira Derryberry Kira DerryberryKira... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Create a Mastermind Alliance

May 2020 issue Business

© Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsIf you’ve been in business for more than a minute you know it’s hard work. There are so many surprises, and there are fires to put out every day as an entrepreneur. The phone rings and a client puts you in a tailspin. Your email system serves up an endless stream of messages. Oh, and there’s that social media thing that draws you down the rabbit hole. My personal favorite is discovering a YouTube video for the latest Photoshop trick. Do I need to... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Develop Your Brand

April 2020 issue Business

© Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee Paintings PPA President Gregory DanielMany years ago, during a long-term goal planning session, my wife, Lesa, and I recognized that our focus on being a general purpose, mom-and-pop studio needed to change. We determined that growth in the 21st century would depend on elevating our images to the level of fine art. As a result of our changed target, we developed a new business model and plan that would transform our studio over the next several years. This... Continue Reading >

President’s message: Start today

March 2020 issue Business

PPA President Gregory Daniel     ©Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsMy wish for each of you is to live your best life in this amazing profession. I cannot think of another occupation that provides such a wonderful lifestyle while giving so much joy not only to your clients but to yourself and your family as well. Photography provides endless opportunities for creating meaningful and lasting relationships with your clients. The more you invest in their successes, dreams, and legacies, the... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Finding the words

February 2020 issue Business

© Gregory Daniel Portraits and Kyla Renee PaintingsA picture is worth a thousand words, as we all know. This well-used phrase is why I chose to be a photographer and not a writer.This, my final letter to you as president of PPA, has me searching for the right words to express my gratitude for the opportunity to serve you in this role for the past year. I can start by mentioning the travel and all the beautiful places I was able to visit as president. I am especially fortunate to have met... Continue Reading >

President’s message: Welcome 2020

January 2020 issue News

© Gregory Daniel Portraits and Kyla Renee Paintings PPA President Audrey WancketI love January: new year, new goals, and most of all, Imaging USA. Nashville, here we come. It’s exciting to be at an event where more than 10,000 photographers gather and everyone learns, shares, and gets inspired. Those of us who have been to many PPA annual conventions (more than 30 for me) know generally what to expect when we get there.But members who are at their first or second Imaging USA may not... Continue Reading >

President’s message: A busy and wonderful time

December 2019 issue Business

© Gregory Daniel Portraits and Kyla Renee PaintingsThe holidays are my busiest time of year both in the studio and personally. Somehow, I always get it all done—the orders for clients, the framing, the shopping for holiday presents for everyone, and the decorating. It’s a time of year I refer to as barely organized chaos. There might be a day or two (or even five) that I feel stressed, but for the most part, I truly enjoy it.Back in the old days, we had to order wall portraits by the... Continue Reading >

President’s message: Learning from the greats

October 2019 issue Business

© Gregory Daniel Portraits and Kyla Renee Paintings PPA President Audrey WancketPhotographers get to earn our living doing something we love. And we get to spend our working hours creating images that clients love. That’s especially true for portrait and wedding photographers. We create images that help our subjects feel great about how they look, portraits that show children how much they are valued, and wedding mementos that are so much more meaningful than marriage licenses. Our... Continue Reading >