How to Correct Wide-Angle Stretch

September 2020 issue Tech

If you’re using lenses 24mm or wider, you’ve likely noticed unnatural effects at the edges of your images. This is especially apparent when a lack of space forces you to use a wide-angle lens for a group photo or wedding party. These abberations exist even after applying lens corrections in editing software because they’re not the result of optical lens distortions but due to an effect called anamorphosis or, more commonly, volume deformation.Volume deformation arises because a... Continue Reading >

Christoffer Relander Superimposes Nature onto Portraits

September 2020 issue News

In-camera multiple exposure or digital compositing via Adobe Photoshop? For 10 years, Christoffer Relander remained true to the multi-exposure method for his ongoing series “We Are Nature.” “But I asked myself every now and then, Am I limiting myself?” So for his most recent iteration, “We Are Nature VI,” he went digital, using Adobe Photoshop to composite portraits made under studio lighting with photographs of elements in nature.The drawback of the in-camera work is the lack of... Continue Reading >

Review: Exposure Software Offers Efficiency Plus Flexibility

8.20.2020 Tech

When it comes to editing, time is money. Alough efficiency is key, sometimes you need flexibility when it comes to presets and adjustments. That’s where Exposure Software comes in. It helps you make the most of your workflow while allowing flexibility. Exposure Software’s main application is called Exposure X5. If you’re an Adobe user, the interface will look familiar. Exposure boasts a variety of enhancement tools specifically tailored to photography: vignette, grain, bokeh, infrared,... Continue Reading >

How to Enhance the Sky in Your Photos

July 2020 issue Tech

Whether you should or shouldn’t replace a photographed sky with one that’s more interesting has been a contentious topic among photographers. Regardless of that debate, modifying the original sky in an image can be a tedious, labor-intensive undertaking involving complex masking, blending modes, and other techniques. But there are times when you can’t wait for the perfect sky for a portrait background, or you can’t return to the landscape location when the sky is ideal. For these times... Continue Reading >

Use Free Transform to Enhance Creative Work

5.22.2020 Tech

I use Adobe Photoshop’s Free Transform tool on almost all of my creative photography projects. There is rarely a cloud that doesn’t appear more graceful or delicate after adding a little curvature, or a tree that doesn’t get more interesting with some bending or stretching. Old shacks gain character with more sag in the roof. Foregrounds benefit from being less flat, backgrounds contribute more drama with taller mountains, and dirt roads come alive with an exaggerated S-curve.In most... Continue Reading >

Creative analysis with Julieanne Kost

January 2020 issue Profiles

© Bob Coates Dennis Chamberlain and Julianne KostMany Photoshop users are familiar with Adobe Evangelist Julianne Kost. She’s a must-see at conferences and conventions as well as a helpful tutor via her blog, YouTube and Adobe Help videos, and her books “Window Seat” and “Passenger Seat.” She is looked to as the one person who can answer any Photoshop question.I first saw her in 2004 as she took command of an auditorium of about 2,000 Photoshop World attendees with her... Continue Reading >

Erich Caparas gives photographers an education

October 2019 issue Profiles

Stepping back to help others move forward© Erich Caparas Erich CaparasIn 2002, after 22 years working as a photographer and graphic designer, Erich Caparas, M.Photog., walked away. “I was burned out,” he says of his career in the commercial niche. He craved something different, so he moved to Florida to become, of all things, a real estate broker.For nine years, Caparas built his brokerage business. But photography wasn’t done with him yet. In 2011, he picked it up again as a... Continue Reading >

How-to: A grand wedding composite

9.25.2019 Tech

Photographer: Charmi Patel PeñaDate: June 23, 2019   Location: The Ritz-Carlton PhiladelphiaSubject: Shauna and Saheelan and their large bridal partyEquipment: Nikon D850, 28mm 1.8 lens, Speedlight, and Magmod grid/sphere combo.Notes from the photographer: Shauna was extremely glam and wanted a glam bridal party photo. A single light just wouldn’t have produced the vision she wanted. Knowing this is a busy lobby, we started by posing everyone in their places, starting with the... Continue Reading >

Product review: Topaz AI Software

September 2019 issue Tech

Most photographers I know would rather spend time creating new images than painstakingly enhancing recent captures. Topaz Labs has introduced four new programs that use artificial intelligence to take some of the drudgery out of post-production.From improving image quality in smartphones to creating software presets that emulate prominent painters’ styles, the branch of AI called machine learning is changing the imaging world. Firms including Adobe, Skylum, CyberLink, and Topaz are using AI... Continue Reading >