3 corrective posing and lighting tips for portraits

November 2017 issue Tech

Making sure your client looks their best in your photos is paramount. High-volume portrait photographer Andrew Faulds, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, relies on these three corrective lighting and posing tricks to create portraits his subjects love:  © Andrew FauldsPose the client’s best side.Turn heavy-set subjects at an angle to the camera, which has a slimming effect. Shoot down from a slightly elevated angle, and have them lean in toward the camera so their hips are farther away and their... Continue Reading >

Chris Knight: Anatomy of an image

9.25.2017 Tech

© Chris KnightThe story behind "The Queen of the North" Photographer: Chris KnightDate: Sept. 21, 2016Location: Dream Shoot Studio, New York CityTitle: The Queen of the NorthCircumstances: Portrait of photographer Lindsay AdlerEquipment used: A Profoto Softlight reflector (beauty dish) with a diffuser was pointed at the face. An XL Profoto Deep White Umbrella with diffuser was positioned behind the camera to fill in the shadows and control the overall contrast. A Profoto Softbox... Continue Reading >

6 tips for safe newborn portrait sessions

October 2016 issue Business

Newborns aren’t props. They’re delicate beings who should be treated with extreme care during a portrait session. Photographer Dani Miller offers the following advice for conducting safe baby sessions:Don’t use electric heating pads. Ever. These can easily get too hot and burn an infant. Go easy on the hot air. Keep the studio warm, but don’t overdo it. If you use a space heater, aim it away from the baby to avoid overheating. Natural is best. Keep posing natural and simple.... Continue Reading >

3 Body language cues that can make or break a portrait

January 2016 issue News

These days the first impression we make isn't the handshake; it's the profile photo we've posted to our social media and professional websites. And unfortunately people tend to judge an online photo more harshly than an in-person first impression, according to photographer and body language trainer Danielle Libine, author of "A Photographer's Guide to Body Language." That's why it's so important that the portrait photographer pay close attention to the body language of a subject during a... Continue Reading >

Heart lights

October 2015 issue News

How to evoke the warm and fuzzyEvery family portrait photographer aims to capture the bright, genuine smiles and warm cuddles of a loving family. But eliciting natural, affectionate behavior during a staged photo session is easier said than done. “Ideally we would all possess the super-natural qualities of being an amazing person, a great and wonderful sensitive soul, and a communicator of the highest order—a person who can make anyone feel special,” says Toronto portrait and wedding... Continue Reading >