Jason and JoAnne Marino discuss in-person sales

9.25.2018 Business

How'd you like to grow your business 400 to 500 percent? Jason and JoAnne Marino of Imagine Photography made it happen by switching to in-person sales. Here's what they say about in-person sales, print products, and their move from wedding to portrait photography. RELATED: Learn more about the Marinos' in-person sales journey Continue Reading >

Keith Barraclough: Portrait whisperer

October 2018 issue Profiles

Keith Barraclough’s most challenging recent session? One hundred sixty portraits of 80 employees in eight hours. It took mental preparation, admits New York-based Barraclough of the corporate job. “You really are a conveyor belt.” Shooting with an assistant, he had roughly one minute with each subject and just seconds between them. As one subject moved over to the computer to check out their portraits, Barraclough was photographing the next. “You have to know that you aren’t... Continue Reading >

Wedding photographer documents longest-married guests

October 2018 issue News

When David Weightman photographs a wedding, he’s focused on one story: the bride and groom. “But there are many other relationships, many other couples, and many other stories that could potentially be told” at a wedding, he says.So as a personal project, at each of his clients’ weddings, he delves into a compelling sidebar—the longest married couple at the wedding and their secret to a successful marriage.Several weeks before the wedding, Weightman asks the couple to identify the... Continue Reading >

5 tips for boudoir photography sessions

October 2018 issue News

Boudoir sessions can be nerve-racking for the subject. “Sometimes they’re women who have been married for 20 years and nobody has seen them in lingerie for 20 years except for their husband,” says Las Vegas-based photographer Stacie Frazier of Haute Shots. “A lot of them are really nervous.” But Frazier has worked hard not only to deliver the kind of images her subjects and their spouses will enjoy but also to design a session that calms nerves and is fun. She offers posing tips for... Continue Reading >

In-person sales ignited JoAnne and Jason Marino’s business

October 2018 issue Profiles

Lie down on the ground and snap photos of a bride and groom racing toward you on a motorcycle and a horse? No problem. Hang out the back of an SUV to capture images of an engaged couple driving down the road in a Corvette? Why not? Hop a last-minute 20-hour flight to Guyana to photograph the nuptials of a newly acquired client? Been there, done that. © Imagine Photography Jason and JoAnne MarinoInsanely adventurous wedding photography was once the bastion of JoAnne and Jason Marino’s... Continue Reading >

Heather Chinn’s hand painting adds value, artistry, and profits

October 2018 issue Profiles

Heather Chinn, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., (aka Heather the Painter) is a ghost. A friendly ghost, to be sure, one who slips in behind photographers to enhance their work with artistic embellishments that can dramatically increase the value of their work. Specializing in both digital painting and hand painting with oils, she has worked her way to a prosperous career as an artistic collaborator and teacher.© Heather ChinnChinn went to art school in the early 2000s to be a painter. After one... Continue Reading >

Brilliant photos spring from brilliant ideas, says Sandro Miller

8.28.2018 News

Commercial photographer Sandro Miller's greatest pride isn't his ad work; it's the personal projects he's engaged in throughout his career. Here's what he has to say about inspiration, personal projects, and his unique partnership with actor John Malkovich:RELATED: Learn more about Miller's work and see a gallery of his images.   Continue Reading >

Creative side projects fuel Sandro Miller’s success

September 2018 issue Profiles

“I think ideas make great pictures,” says veteran commercial and fine art photographer Sandro Miller. He’s responding to a question about preferred equipment but insists that it’s a non-issue. “I could take a good picture with a $25 camera or a $20,000 camera,” he says. “It’s not about the equipment. …Thoughts make great pictures. Doing your homework makes great pictures. But the biggest thing is having a great idea. That is what makes a great picture.”© Sandro... Continue Reading >