Joy of Flux: Portrait Sessions That Are All About Movement

October 2020 issue Profiles

Five years into her portrait photography career, Shalonda Chaddock had an unfortunate realization: She dreaded making family portraits. The sessions stressed her out. She describes feeling nervous by having all eyes on her and then being uncertain she knew what she was doing.  Her solution was to take a year off from family sessions to evaluate what made them so painful.© Shalonda ChaddockHer realization: People act unnatural when a camera appears, and it’s awkward for everyone... Continue Reading >

Beauty in the Basics: Scott Robert Lim Teaches the Fundamentals

September 2020 issue Profiles

With over 70 international photography awards to his name, Scott Robert Lim, Cr.Photog., has clearly mastered his craft. But what motivates the accomplished wedding and portrait photographer at this point in his career is less about gathering more hardware and more about sowing altruism.“I have a drive to be a better photographer but not necessarily to win another award,” Lim says. “What turns me on and makes me happy, what pushes me—the why in what I do—is that I want others to... Continue Reading >

Smooth Synergy Produces Fine Art Child Portraits

September 2020 issue Profiles

They just clicked. That’s how Edmonton, Canada-based photographers Ammara Crittenden and Tamara Taylor describe their decision to join forces two years ago to form portrait studio Fox & Gem Photography.The pair first met at work a few years earlier and became fast friends. Crittenden, a family doctor, and Taylor, a pediatric nurse at the same clinic, both enjoyed photography as a pastime. But it wasn’t until they began shooting together that they discovered, as Crittenden says, “We had... Continue Reading >

Child Portrait Book Spotlights Black Beauty

September 2020 issue News

© CreativeSoulBlack hair, Black culture, and Black beauty are celebrated in the 130 child portraits that make up Kahran and Regis Bethencourt’s new book, “Glory” (St. Martin’s Press), set to release in October.The duo who run CreativeSoul Photography in Atlanta, Georgia, first garnered widespread praise for their “AfroArt” photo series, a collection of child fashion portraits that showcased the beauty of natural Black hairstyles. The portraits in “Glory” are paired with... Continue Reading >

How Photographers Are Pioneering the New Normal

August 2020 issue Business

COVID-19 Restrictions Challenge Photographers to be resilient What does it look like to own a photography business while practicing social distancing or complying with stay-at-home mandates? And when those mandates are lifted, what’s the new reality? We’re all in uncharted territory. Many photographers have been adapting  and re-envisioning their business. In June, I asked five photographers to describe their experience as business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.BEN SHIRK © Shirk... Continue Reading >

Study: Consumer Priorities Have Shifted During the Pandemic

August 2020 issue Business

Family is most important To Your CLients Professional photography wasn’t considered essential business during state and local shutdowns this spring, but positive consumer trends bring good news for the profession. Research shows a shift in values toward the importance of family, home, and friends, as well as supporting local businesses. People are also increasingly focused on making their living spaces a comfortable refuge. A recent study asked consumers how their values changed during the... Continue Reading >

Jai Mayhew’s Magazine-Worthy Portraits for Non-model Clients

July 2020 issue Profiles

“I don’t like my pinky.” It was an unusual pronouncement but nonetheless pertinent information for portrait photographer Jai Mayhew as she settled into a session with a client. “I got you,” she assured the woman, thrilled the client felt comfortable enough to share this little nugget of negative self-perception. “Knowing those things enables me to shoot [clients] in a way they’re going to love,” Mayhew says.It’s all part of the customer care Mayhew provides. Mayhew, who also... Continue Reading >