How Photographers Are Pioneering the New Normal

August 2020 issue Business

COVID-19 Restrictions Challenge Photographers to be resilient What does it look like to own a photography business while practicing social distancing or complying with stay-at-home mandates? And when those mandates are lifted, what’s the new reality? We’re all in uncharted territory. Many photographers have been adapting  and re-envisioning their business. In June, I asked five photographers to describe their experience as business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.BEN SHIRK © Shirk... Continue Reading >

Study: Consumer Priorities Have Shifted During the Pandemic

August 2020 issue Business

Family is most important To Your CLients Professional photography wasn’t considered essential business during state and local shutdowns this spring, but positive consumer trends bring good news for the profession. Research shows a shift in values toward the importance of family, home, and friends, as well as supporting local businesses. People are also increasingly focused on making their living spaces a comfortable refuge. A recent study asked consumers how their values changed during the... Continue Reading >

Jai Mayhew’s Magazine-Worthy Portraits for Non-model Clients

July 2020 issue Profiles

“I don’t like my pinky.” It was an unusual pronouncement but nonetheless pertinent information for portrait photographer Jai Mayhew as she settled into a session with a client. “I got you,” she assured the woman, thrilled the client felt comfortable enough to share this little nugget of negative self-perception. “Knowing those things enables me to shoot [clients] in a way they’re going to love,” Mayhew says.It’s all part of the customer care Mayhew provides. Mayhew, who also... Continue Reading >

Portraits of Heroism in the Age of Pandemic

July 2020 issue News

As the coronavirus swept through the nation, photographer Javon Longieliere, Cr.Photog., CPP, did what children’s TV host Mister Rogers once advised: He looked for the helpers. Longieliere launched a portrait series to highlight good Samaritans in his community of Valdosta, Georgia. At press time he'd photographed nearly 400 frontline workers—from nurses to teachers and librarians to caterers—for his series “Hometown Heroes.”The setup: “Knowing some of the locations would be busy... Continue Reading >

Muñoz Photography: The Family Business

June 2020 issue Profiles

When the Muñoz brothers—Tom, Mario, Armando, and Marceliano—say photography is in their blood, they’re not just using a turn of phrase. Photography is literally in their blood line.“We’re fourth-generation photographers. Our great-grandfather started a photography business in Cuba over a century ago,” says Tom, 37, as he sits with his brother Mario in their Fort Lauderdale, Florida, studio, Muñoz Photography. “Then my grandfather Tomas continued it and came to Miami in 1961,... Continue Reading >

Closed for Social Distancing but Open For Opportunity

June 2020 issue Profiles

Use This Time to RevampAs I write this, it’s the end of March, and the world is upside down. While I’m staying very busy with business projects during the pandemic lockdown, I don’t know when my husband, Michael Taylor, M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., and I will get back to working with clients. But I do know we can control how we make that transition when the time comes.We’ve all seen stores close temporarily for renovation. They sacrifice revenue for a fixed amount of time, and when... Continue Reading >

Painterly Portraits: Barbara MacFerrin’s New Take on the Old Masters

May 2020 issue Profiles

Barbara MacFerrin fell in love with photography when her father gave her a Minolta X-370 on her 17th birthday. But it would take her more than 20 years to realize her dream of becoming a professional photographer. “Looking back, I never thought that I could make a living taking pictures,” says the Boulder, Colorado-based, fine art portrait photographer.            © Barbara MacFerrin Portrait photographer Barbara MacFerrinAfter earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology,... Continue Reading >

Sony World Photography Awards Announced

May 2020 issue News

One photo, one photographer, one nation. A whopping 190,000 images were submitted into the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards open competition, out of which judges selected a single winning image from each of 63 countries. These photos are a small sampling of those National Awards winners.Kiatthaworn Khorthawornwong, Thailand (top) Location: Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan Equipment: Sony a7S II, Sony FE 28mm F2 lens Photographer’s comments: “I waited and waited and waited until the sun shone... Continue Reading >