Matilde Simas Is Called to Listen to Survivors

June 2020 issue Profiles

While documenting daily life on a self-assigned photography trip to Myanmar, Matilde Simas found herself in a nunnery filled with 200 children. “I was completely confused as to why I was in a nunnery and there were so many little children,” she says. Then she learned the awful truth: Parents were dropping off their children in a desperate attempt to shield them from human trafficking.© Matilde Simas “Photography is a powerful tool to create awareness, but we have to be aware that we... Continue Reading >

Photographers Without Borders Enables Photographers to Give Back

April 2020 issue News

After photographing weddings and portraits for almost 20 years, Ron B. Wilson felt he’d hit a wall. He wanted to reconnect with his first love, photojournalism, which he’d studied in college, so he plugged “photojournalism projects abroad” into Google. That’s when Photographers Without Borders, which connects professional photographers with nongovernmental organizations around the world, appeared. “I clicked on the website, and within two or three minutes of reading their bio and... Continue Reading >

President’s message: Photographers can change lives

August 2019 issue Business

© Gregory DanielLike many photographers, I donate sessions and portraits to various fundraising auctions. These charitable donations can not only help my favorite organizations, they can also reap marketing benefits such as building goodwill and name recognition in the community.These charitable marketing opportunities are great, and there’s even more you can do with your talents to make a difference in the world. A doctor giving time and expertise to treat those who can’t afford... Continue Reading >

Boudoir photographer offers sessions to cancer survivors

August 2019 issue News

Rhea Lewis, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, knows breast cancer. Both her mother and aunt are survivors. As a boudoir photographer, Lewis also knows the positive impact such a session can have on a woman’s self-esteem. That’s why, after experiencing her own breast cancer scare, Lewis decided to donate boudoir sessions to breast cancer survivors. “I had no idea that this would be therapy for them until I started doing more and more of them and saw how helpful it was,” she says.Why boudoir: Battling... Continue Reading >

6 tips for running a successful photography fundraiser

June 2019 issue News

Four years ago, pet services company Woofie’s contacted pet photographer Ellen Zangla to see if she’d make Santa pet portraits for its clients. When Woofie’s asked what Zangla would charge for the gig, she proposed another idea: Set up the Santa portrait sessions as a fundraiser for a local animal rescue.  Since then, Zangla has made it a regular part of her business to participate in fundraising events for animals in need. “I feel it’s important to give back,” she says. Last year... Continue Reading >

Humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine documents the world

May 2019 issue Profiles

The Shaur warrior led the way. Lisa Kristine had been living among the warrior’s community in 2017, documenting their lives in the Amazon region of Ecuador. When it came time to take his photo, she followed him to a place he said was sacred to him: a clearing where waterfalls cascaded against a backdrop of lush, green vegetation. He said, “Every plant, every waterfall, is like a child to me.” And Kristine knew she had her shot.Lisa Kristine © Lisa KristineThat experience and the... Continue Reading >

Saying thanks with portrait donations

November 2018 issue News

Gratitude for a life-saving rescueOn Jan. 17, my 13-year-old daughter Jolie didn’t come home.© Rogier van BakelEarlier in the day, she and her best friend, Julia, had been ice-skating on a nearby lake on Mount Desert Island, Maine, home to Acadia National Park. By 5 p.m., it was snowing, night had fallen, and I was frantic with worry. Julia’s mom and I determined that the girls had gone snowmobiling with Eli, Julia’s dad. There wasn’t a trace of them other than Ski-Doo... Continue Reading >

Photographer donates printed portraits to Cambodian villagers

August 2018 issue News

The power of seeing one’s PORTRAIT for the first timeIn 2014, travel photographer Reuben Teo was on vacation visiting a Cambodian village when a group of local children approached. After playing with them for a bit, he began making their photographs. Each time he snapped an image, the children would grab his arm to peek at the camera’s digital back, searching for their own visages on the screen. Teo later learned from villagers that none of the children had pictures of themselves. “That... Continue Reading >