Photographer uses light-carrying drone to draw shapes

February 2020 issue Documentary

What’s more captivating than the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in southwestern Bolivia? The Salar de Uyuni salt flats illuminated by a light-toting drone flying a perfect circle.Last summer photographer Reuben Wu had the opportunity to test the Phase One XT camera during a weeklong Bolivian road trip. He used the camera plus his Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 70mm f/5.6 lens and a tripod. His goal was to build on his photo series that features geometric shapes of light above natural landscapes. He... Continue Reading >

Software review: Phase One Capture One 12

May 2019 issue Tech

Each full-version release of Capture One software from Phase One offers at least one major new feature as well as a few minor ones, and Capture One 12 is no exception. Where version 11 added somewhat improved masking tools, version 12 takes a giant step forward by introducing straightforward luminosity masking along with a new radial gradient masking tool and an improved linear gradient masking tool.Luminosity masks are simply masks that affect certain tonal values in an image. They are... Continue Reading >

Layer centric: Capture One 11 review

1.30.2018 Tech

Many portrait, wedding, and commercial professionals who require the highest quality and most precise range of adjustments in their raw conversions look to Phase One’s Capture One software. With the latest updates, even advanced amateurs are looking closely at Capture One to increase the quality of their image processing. With an abundance of new features, Capture One 11 is the most significant update in recent years.Notable new featuresEnhanced layers functionality Improved masking... Continue Reading >

Medium format

February 2016 issue Tech

updatable platformThe Phase One XF Camera System is engineered to be not only the best medium-format camera technology but also to be flexible, expandable, and updatable so that it can evolve as technology improves.Already it has added focus confirmation through OneTouch UI and full focus control in a Waist Level Finder workflow. It now has Seismographic Vibration Delay to ensure utter camera stillness at the moment of capture. And you can use Capture One Pro to calibrate and store perfect... Continue Reading >