6 tips for running a successful photography fundraiser

June 2019 issue News

Four years ago, pet services company Woofie’s contacted pet photographer Ellen Zangla to see if she’d make Santa pet portraits for its clients. When Woofie’s asked what Zangla would charge for the gig, she proposed another idea: Set up the Santa portrait sessions as a fundraiser for a local animal rescue.  Since then, Zangla has made it a regular part of her business to participate in fundraising events for animals in need. “I feel it’s important to give back,” she says. Last year... Continue Reading >

Photo series: Ballerinas and dogs

September 2018 issue News

It couldn’t have been simpler. “One day I thought, Wouldn’t it be fun to try to do a photo session with a dancer and a dog?” And after one session, Pratt & Kreidich Photographers’ “Dancers & Dogs” series was born.St. Louis, Missouri-based Kelly Pratt Kreidich and her husband, Ian Kreidich, have been photographing the St. Louis Ballet for four years. They wanted to show a lighter side to ballet dancers, who are typically depicted and perceived as serious. Adding a dog to the mix... Continue Reading >

Animal photographer teams up with illustrator for humorous series

February 2018 issue News

It was love at first ’gram. When New York-based commercial photographer Shaina Fishman discovered France-based illustrator Walter Glassof’s work on Instagram, she was hooked. “I love illustration. If I had a talent that I don’t have, it would be drawing,” she says. “Right away I just loved his work.”Shaina had been hoping to one day team up with an illustrator, so she reached out to Glassof to see if he’d be interested in collaboration. “I never thought he would email me... Continue Reading >

5 pet photography tips

November 2017 issue Tech

Angela Lawson, Cr.Photog., CPP, is a veteran when it comes to photographing animals. She’ll present three hands-on demo sessions at Imaging USA 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, in January. She offers the following tips for successful pet photography:© Angela LawsonAlways do a pre-consultation with owner and pet. Lawson begins her pre-session consultation by talking to the client about their session goals—wall portraits or album, one pet or multiple pets? After about 15 minutes, she... Continue Reading >

Tutorial: Off-leash (not really)

6.29.2017 Tech

As a location dog photographer my number one priority during a photo session is the safety, well-being, and comfort of the dog. In my suburban location about 18 miles south of Washington, D.C., this means more than 95 percent of my subjects are on a leash during the session. However, looking through my gallery on my website, you would never know it. Digital leash removal is an essential skill for any dog photographer.Having images in the gallery that give the appearance of a carefree,... Continue Reading >