Ball of Fun: Quarantine Inspires Humorous Series

September 2020 issue News

News outlets kept advising the public to “stay in their own bubbles,” says advertising photographer George Kamper of the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Which reminded Kamper: He owned a bubble … literally. He’d purchased it long before the pandemic, thinking he might one day use it for a commercial shoot. Turns out it’s the perfect prop for a whimsical photo series, “Bubble Boy,” that’s been a hit on Kamper’s Instagram feed.The work: Kamper is both photographer and... Continue Reading >

William Castellana’s Personal Project Evolved into a Children’s Book

July 2020 issue Profiles

William Castellana’s latest photographic collection could be considered something of a self-portrait. “Inquisitive Creatures” was born out of his longtime partner’s flight of fancy and propelled Castellana into yet another facet of photography: still-life images of incredibly detailed miniature sets. What resulted is a children’s book about four science-minded critters on a quest to build a time machine—a whimsical tale that, in the aggregate of its characters and the details of the... Continue Reading >

Portraits of Heroism in the Age of Pandemic

July 2020 issue News

As the coronavirus swept through the nation, photographer Javon Longieliere, Cr.Photog., CPP, did what children’s TV host Mister Rogers once advised: He looked for the helpers. Longieliere launched a portrait series to highlight good Samaritans in his community of Valdosta, Georgia. At press time he'd photographed nearly 400 frontline workers—from nurses to teachers and librarians to caterers—for his series “Hometown Heroes.”The setup: “Knowing some of the locations would be busy... Continue Reading >

Whiz Kid Photographer Wows With Images of Model Cars

June 2020 issue News

© Courtesy Anthony Schmidt Anthony Schmidt hasn't let his youth hinder his artistry.It’s hard to believe the automobiles in Anthony Schmidt’s images are scale models, much less that the photos were created by a 12-year-old.Schmidt, who is on the autism spectrum, began making photographs of toy cars when he was six, says mother Ramona Schmidt. “He’s always loved cars from a very early age. The first words he spoke were makes and models of cars.” One day he began making photos of... Continue Reading >

Photographer Helps Families Smile During Coronavirus Lockdown

4.9.2020 Business

Kira Derryberry is staying connected to clients while we’re all staying home© Kira Derryberry Kira Derryberry is spreading some sunshine while also staying in touch with clients.Feeling saturated by bleak news and negative social media during the global coronavirus pandemic, Kira Derryberry, M.Photog.Cr., CPP,  went in search of an antidote. She knew she wasn’t the only one looking for a bright spot in her home-bound days.Hoping to spread a little happiness, Derryberry launched the... Continue Reading >

Photographer Documents the Drama of Storytelling

April 2020 issue News

Much of a story is told through the subtle (and not so subtle) movements of the face and hands, as evidenced by Neal Schlosburg’s photo series “My Picture Tells a Story.” For the sessions, he asks each subject to tell him a story as he silently makes photographs with his Fujifilm X-T2. “Sometimes I shoot more rapidly than others,” he says. “The stories always dictate the pace of those shots.”He makes as many as 500 to 1,000 photos in a session and selects just six for each final... Continue Reading >

Photo series celebrates hardbound children’s books

March 2020 issue News

The feel of the pages. The colorful illustrations at beginning and end. Observing that many children read books on e-readers, Ellen Cantor became nostalgic for her favorite hard copy volumes from childhood. Using a mixture of her own books, her mother’s, and her friends’, Cantor created a photo series that honors the loved and worn hardbound books. She made her images in camera (not Photoshop) with a Nikon D800 on a tripod with one on-camera flash and one soft box, she explains, using a... Continue Reading >

Photographer Rus Khasanov creates liquid lettering

March 2020 issue News

Remember the silver side of the CD? The way it shimmered with a rainbow of color when you tilted it back and forth in the light? That unexpected iridescence inspired Rus Khasanov to create his photo series “Marmalade Type.” He spotted a scratched CD of ’90s music lying on the street and was hypnotized by its hues, he says. “I immediately had a great desire to experiment in this direction.”To create his images, Khasanov collected CDs and DVDs and wrote letters on their surfaces with... Continue Reading >