Product review: Paul C. Buff CyberSense wireless controller

September 2018 issue Tech

The purpose of automating any process is to be more productive, save money, reduce errors, make better products, or some combination of these things. Automation can make complex chores easier, or it can come with its own complex workflow. We seek to make technology do our bidding, but often the reverse is true, and we find ourselves having to create elaborate workarounds to address a technology’s constraints.Mercifully, the recently introduced Paul C. Buff CyberSense radio remote uses... Continue Reading >

New Bees: AlienBees DigiBee DB400 and DB800

February 2017 issue Tech

It’s been a while since Paul C. Buff Inc. has introduced a major new product, and the DigiBees are the first to be released since Paul C. Buff’s death last year. Though they lack the power of the popular Buff Einstein and AlienBees B1600 flash units, the DigiBees hit a price point between the two and offer their own innovations. One innovation in particular sets the DigiBees apart from their cousins.As a user of several of the original AlienBees, I was first taken by the relative small... Continue Reading >