Painterly Portraits: Barbara MacFerrin’s New Take on the Old Masters

May 2020 issue Profiles

Barbara MacFerrin fell in love with photography when her father gave her a Minolta X-370 on her 17th birthday. But it would take her more than 20 years to realize her dream of becoming a professional photographer. “Looking back, I never thought that I could make a living taking pictures,” says the Boulder, Colorado-based, fine art portrait photographer.            © Barbara MacFerrin Portrait photographer Barbara MacFerrinAfter earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology,... Continue Reading >

Heather Chinn’s hand painting adds value, artistry, and profits

October 2018 issue Profiles

Heather Chinn, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., (aka Heather the Painter) is a ghost. A friendly ghost, to be sure, one who slips in behind photographers to enhance their work with artistic embellishments that can dramatically increase the value of their work. Specializing in both digital painting and hand painting with oils, she has worked her way to a prosperous career as an artistic collaborator and teacher.© Heather ChinnChinn went to art school in the early 2000s to be a painter. After one... Continue Reading >

Start painting

June 2016 issue Tech

Each release of Corel Painter introduces features for all kinds of artists, and for photographers who want to offer digital painting, the additions to Corel Painter 2016 are designed to make the process easier.The new welcome screen helps point you in the right direction from the beginning with tabs labeled Learn, Get Content, Get Started, and Get Inspired. These tabs lead you to training content, add-on brush sets, preset workspaces, and artwork created with Corel Painter 2016 to show you... Continue Reading >

It’s not about the horse

September 2015 issue Business

Corralling a profitable niche“Hey, get this: On Friday, I drove to FedEx at the L.A. airport and picked up a horse,” Steve told me.What the heck?© Mark Brandes Photographer Mark Brandes has cultivated a horse-loving clientelle.I was having breakfast with a friend who’d recently gone through a divorce. In the settlement, he ended up with a Dodge pickup truck and a horse trailer. So logically, he started a horse transportation business.“Dude, who ships a horse by FedEx?” I... Continue Reading >