Dream job: Kelly Fitzsimmons tackles political photography

May 2019 issue News

Kelly Fitzsimmons was photographing a friend’s book launch when mutual friend Meredith DeWitt approached her about a gig. “She says, ‘I’ve been watching you and I like the way you move around the crowd,’” Fitzsimmons explains. “‘You’re so stealth and unobtrusive.’” She asked Fitzsimmons if she’d like to photograph a small event. She’d follow up with details, she said.Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel. People in attendance: 50. Photo needs: candids. What she didn’t... Continue Reading >

Francesco Tonelli’s deliciously different food photography

March 2019 issue Profiles

“Every time I look through your work,” I tell food photographer Francesco Tonelli, “I have the same reaction.”“What’s that?” he asks as he sits in the gleaming production kitchen of his four-story, 4,250-square-foot combined home and photography studio in Edgewater, New Jersey.Francesco Tonelli © Francesco Tonelli“I start salivating,” I tell him. “And then my stomach starts growling.”The Italian-born photographer lets out a hearty laugh. “Thank you. That’s... Continue Reading >

Francesco Tonelli’s food photography tips

2.25.2019 Business

With his background as a chef and a culinary arts teacher, food photographer Francesco Tonelli is ideally qualified to offer tips on producing compelling food photography. Some of his advice:“First you have to love food,” says Tonelli. “Really, it is important to establish a connection with the food you are photographing. Look at it, touch it, cook it, eat it.” He explains that he does his best work photographing a dish when he can imagine himself eating it. “That helps me capture... Continue Reading >

Tiny dancers photobook tells childhood’s many stories

January 2019 issue News

After his 2012 New York Times bestselling book “Dancers Among Us” struck a chord, Jordan Matter knew he wanted a follow-up. But it wasn’t until his young daughter hit an arabesque while shoveling snow that he had his theme: dancing through childhood.© Jordan Matter“Born to Dance” (Workman Publishing) is about more than clean lines and perfected form, though. “It gave me the opportunity to show the depth of childhood and document as many childhood experiences as possible,”... Continue Reading >

How to light photographs underwater

10.25.2018 Tech

Stephen Frink, one of the world’s most-published underwater photographers, freely shares the No. 1 tip he gives students who want to raise their work to a higher professional level: “The key to making a great underwater photograph is good lighting.”Water is denser than air, and it absorbs color very quickly. Because color is lost the deeper you go, high-quality lighting is paramount. Ambient light is insufficient and straight-on lighting is too bright. Any snorkeler weilding a... Continue Reading >

In deep and up close: Underwater photographer Stephen Frink

November 2018 issue Profiles

Holding onto success despite changing tides As he sips a cup of coffee in a Starbucks near his Key Largo studio in the Florida Keys, veteran underwater photographer Stephen Frink doesn’t pause for a second when asked to name the most important requirement for a great underwater photograph.“That’s easy,” says the 69-year-old Frink, whom many publications have called the world’s most widely published underwater photographer. “It’s proximity.”Frink is on a roll. After taking... Continue Reading >

How a pro dancer became a pro dance photographer

July 2018 issue Profiles

Their relationship was barely an hour old when, mistrust simmering beneath cordiality, one woman urged another to run into a busy New York City street and dance. The request itself wasn’t at issue. Melika Dez was photographing Akua Noni Parker, an Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company member, and Dez wanted Parker on a crosswalk in front of stopped traffic, where she would have to contend only with coffee-carrying pedestrians and the time limit of the Walk/Don’t Walk signal. Parker’s... Continue Reading >

Dream job: Sailing race photographer

July 2018 issue Business

Sea ChaseCompetitive sailing is a rare photography niche, but for Sharon Green, who grew up sailing on Lake Ontario in Canada, it fits like a glove.Green’s father sailed around the world when he was a young man and passed along his love of the sport to Green, who sailed competitively in her early teens. In high school, she became interested in photography, attending a summer program at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity led by an Ansel Adams protégé. Soon after, she trained her... Continue Reading >