How to stage a successful newborn session

9.25.2019 Business

Newborn photography is like no other discipline, says Karen Marie Hourscht of Belly Beautiful. You can’t just show up and wing it.To stage a successful newborn session, you need to prepare and work a good system.Inform. Before the session, send info to the client. This allows them to be prepared and to feel less anxious. Include everything they need to know—from what to feed babies to avoid gas during the session to exactly what you’re going to do in the session.Warm. Keep the room... Continue Reading >

Should you niche? Dani Miller did and her studio thrived

October 2016 issue Profiles

About five years ago, Dani Miller was having serious doubts about the future of her studio. She’d been in business for a handful of years, experiencing moderate success by taking on just about any photo work that walked through the door. Weddings, portraits, commercial shoots—this Jane-of-all-trades would do it all.However, as she pondered her professional life, she wondered if she could keep it going. Was she too diversified in her work? Was her business model sustainable? When she... Continue Reading >

Thriving under the northern lights

September 2015 issue Profiles

Alli Peck’s heart-warming portraits from a land of snow and iceThe Great Plains of Canada are wildly beautiful, with open prairies and deep green forests stretching eastward for miles from the base of the Rocky Mountains. Though they extend mainly across the so-called “prairie provinces” of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, they begin humbly in the northeastern edge of British Columbia, where the jagged mountains end peaceably in a majestic backdrop. Winters are long and cold here,... Continue Reading >