Michelle Valberg Answers the Call of the Wild

August 2020 issue Profiles

Wildlife photography Adventuring in her Native Canada and BeyondMichelle Valberg was out for dinner with girlfriends, politely listening to them discuss shoes and clothes, when, after about 30 minutes of idle fashion talk, she couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Can we just change the subject a little bit?” she piped up. “Can I tell you that I just swam with narwhals? Can we just get off the shoe topic and maybe talk narwhal for a second?”Photographer Michelle Valberg © Michelle... Continue Reading >

Tony Bynum Makes Outdoor Images Multi-Task

August 2020 issue Profiles

A Westerner by birth and by nature, Tony Bynum has always favored the expanse of America’s most rugged wilderness. When he found himself in Washington, D.C., around the turn of the 21st century, hemmed in by tall buildings, narrow avenues, and crowds, he turned to photography to come to terms with his space and his place in it.Tony Bynum © Courtesy Tony BynumThe photographic exploration may have kept him sane, but it didn’t keep him in D.C. Bynum realized that his place was far from... Continue Reading >

Tips from the Master of Firefly Photography

August 2020 issue News

Radim Schreiber, firefly photographer and creator of the photo book “Firefly Experience,” offers tips for capturing the magic of bioluminescence:Scout your location one or two nights in advance. “While fireflies don’t migrate, they can change dates and densities per location year to year.” Arrive at your location before sundown so you can set up your composition and select a depth of field before dark. Use a red flashlight, as a regular flashlight will alter your vision and... Continue Reading >

How it Was Made: Boss, the Spirit Bear

August 2020 issue News

Photographer: Michelle ValbergLocation: Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, CanadaBackstory: “In the Great Bear Rainforest, they call him Boss. He’s a rare spirit bear, a sub-species of the black bear. They possess a recessive gene. A Tshimsian myth says, Raven made one in every 10 black bears white to remind the people of the time when glaciers covered this land. I was honored to spend time with Boss on a remote island in northern British Columbia last October. As I watched him... Continue Reading >

A Shift to Macro Photography While Social Distancing

July 2020 issue Business

© Emmalee Schaumburgfollow your path of most resistance  Being a portrait photographer during a time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders has been challenging, to say the least. In 2012, I opened my first brick-and-mortar studio and concentrated on portraiture. I never would have thought I’d be forced to stay at home and temporarily stop doing what I love.While portrait photography is my primary focus and source of income, I also enjoy macro photography—specifically... Continue Reading >

Top Winners in Garden Photo Competition

July 2020 issue News

Anne MacIntyre's white-on-white "Ethereal Cosmos" won first place in the 2020 Black & White Photo Project competition, a subsection of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition and exhibition. Photographer Alan Price won second place, and Allan Wright won third.  “Ethereal Cosmos” by Anne MacIntyre (above) PHOTOGRAPHER’S NOTE: “After having recently painted my summerhouse white, I decided to capture these delicate cosmos flowers, creating the vivid white tones of... Continue Reading >

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream of Wildlife Photography

May 2020 issue Profiles

For almost 40 years, Kevin Dooley, M.Photog., plied his trade as a wedding and portrait photographer, running a successful studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At its peak volume, his studio kept busy 12 photographers shooting 450 weddings a year.But as time wore on, the wedding and portrait business wore on Dooley. Wedding couples seemed to be getting increasingly critical while demanding more. Competition was intensifying while rates were dropping. Dooley enjoyed the work, but his heart... Continue Reading >

Sony World Photography Awards Announced

May 2020 issue News

One photo, one photographer, one nation. A whopping 190,000 images were submitted into the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards open competition, out of which judges selected a single winning image from each of 63 countries. These photos are a small sampling of those National Awards winners.Kiatthaworn Khorthawornwong, Thailand (top) Location: Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan Equipment: Sony a7S II, Sony FE 28mm F2 lens Photographer’s comments: “I waited and waited and waited until the sun shone... Continue Reading >