Trent and Stacy Gillespie know how to tell a good love story

June 2019 issue Profiles

It wasn’t a rain shower. It was a deluge. The mountain valley wedding ceremony had just begun when the Colorado skies gave way. The bride and groom were both photojournalists. “And we’re shooting their wedding, so no pressure, right?” laughs Stacy Gillespie who runs Silverthorne, Colorado-based Gillespie Photography with her husband and business partner, Trent. When the downpour began, it was a full panic, she admits. “Gear is dripping, lenses stop working. But we keep shooting, we...Continue Reading >

Why Tony Hewitt’s photography business thrives on diversification

February 2019 issue Profiles

"It’s fair to say that I’m not someone who likes to sit still.”Anyone who’s met Tony Hewitt wouldn’t argue that. An Australian Institute of Professional Photography Grand Master of Photography, Hewitt is former Australian Photographer of the Year with a resume full of accolades. The Perth, Australia-based photographer started out in weddings, covering about 1,000 of them before evolving more into portrait work, then commercial photography, then fine art, landscape, and aerial...Continue Reading >

At the precipice: Jay Philbrick’s cliffside wedding portraits

February 2019 issue Profiles

“What about the Eaglet?” the message read. Immediately Jay Philbrick knew what his friend was proposing.Most of Philbrick’s dramatic cliff portraits are set on New Hampshire’s Cathedral Ledge, a rock-faced cliff where subjects are lowered down to an outcrop by rope—no climbing skills required. But this friend was suggesting a portrait atop the Eaglet, a narrow rock spire that can be summited only by an experienced climber.© Philbrick PhotographyWas Philbrick up for it? Of...Continue Reading >

Making it work: Catherine Hall takes success as her responsibility

1.25.2019 Profiles

First and foremost, Catherine Hall considers herself a “people photographer.”In the early days when she was finding her feet, Hall tried a variety of subject matter: photojournalism, landscapes, architecture, travel. While the photographs were technically good, she wasn’t energized by the work. Portraits were another story.“With people, I realized I was able to bring something unique to the table,” she says. “I felt like I could attract clients willing to pay for my craft and...Continue Reading >

Reverse your thinking and put business first

November 2018 issue Profiles

In 2008, Pye Jirsa surveyed the crowd at a photography conference and noted an important distinction between the speakers and the attendees. All were passionate about the artistry and craft of photography, but the speakers had an ace up their sleeves.© Lin and Jirsa Photography“I went to 20 different lectures, talked to people, looked at their photographs, and compiled a list of the differences between the people in the audience and the people on stage,” Jirsa says. “The...Continue Reading >

How to work a wedding like an all-star

November 2018 issue Profiles

When you play the wedding photography game, you have to be ready for anything. On any given Saturday, photographers face loathsome lighting, wild weather, perplexing personalities, and every imaginable disaster and near-disaster. The difference between a real pro and someone who’s winging it is their ability to produce great results ceremony after ceremony no matter the conditions.© David Boeck David BoeckDavid Boeck, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, owner of daVeck Studios in San Antonio, will be...Continue Reading >

Be personable: Wedding clients want a photographer who cares

September 2018 issue Profiles

David Wheeler knows the power of relatability From a geographic perspective, David Wheeler has it all. Based just outside of Southampton on England’s picturesque southern coast, Wheeler has at his disposal miles of coastline overlooking the famed Isle of Wight. Within a short distance are the rambling New Forest National Park, the verdant countryside dotted with Downton Abbey-esque manors, and the delights of London.“It’s a beautiful part of the world,” admits Wheeler, who...Continue Reading >