Kesha Lambert digs deep for outstanding wedding photos

September 2019 issue Profiles

© Kesha Lambert Kesha Lambert will speak at Imaging USA 2020.The young bride was heartbroken. Just one day after her fun-filled wedding she learned the reason her grandmother had not attended the ceremony was that she had suffered a massive stroke, says Kesha Lambert, who had photographed the wedding.A week later, the grandmother remained unresponsive and non-verbal. Her prognosis was grim. Rushing to her grandmother’s bedside, the new bride fought back tears. She told her grandmother...Continue Reading >

Wedding photographer turns bouquets into fine art

July 2019 issue News

A tenderness for flowers inspired wedding photographer Steffi Smith to create fine art photography of clients’ bouquets and wedding reception arrangements. “It broke my heart when I would see all these gorgeous flowers and they would die afterwards,” she says. “I always take pictures of them, and one winter when I had nothing to do, I started messing around doing paintings of them.”© Steffi SmithSmith was a painter before she became a photographer, selling her work in galleries...Continue Reading >

Unscripted wedding moments by Two Mann Studios

June 2019 issue Profiles

How’s this for honesty from award winning wedding photographer Erika Mann: “I find weddings boring.”Really? “I know that sounds a little crazy, given our business, but what I mean to say is that most weddings are scripted, pageantry-like events that follow a set pattern or timeline: the first kiss, the cake cut, and on and on. B-O-R-I-N-G!”She pauses for a moment, takes a breath, and continues: “However, what I do not find boring are the people, the personalities, the...Continue Reading >

Trent and Stacy Gillespie know how to tell a good love story

June 2019 issue Profiles

It wasn’t a rain shower. It was a deluge. The mountain valley wedding ceremony had just begun when the Colorado skies gave way. The bride and groom were both photojournalists. “And we’re shooting their wedding, so no pressure, right?” laughs Stacy Gillespie who runs Silverthorne, Colorado-based Gillespie Photography with her husband and business partner, Trent. When the downpour began, it was a full panic, she admits. “Gear is dripping, lenses stop working. But we keep shooting, we...Continue Reading >

Why Tony Hewitt’s photography business thrives on diversification

February 2019 issue Profiles

"It’s fair to say that I’m not someone who likes to sit still.”Anyone who’s met Tony Hewitt wouldn’t argue that. An Australian Institute of Professional Photography Grand Master of Photography, Hewitt is former Australian Photographer of the Year with a resume full of accolades. The Perth, Australia-based photographer started out in weddings, covering about 1,000 of them before evolving more into portrait work, then commercial photography, then fine art, landscape, and aerial...Continue Reading >

At the precipice: Jay Philbrick’s cliffside wedding portraits

February 2019 issue Profiles

“What about the Eaglet?” the message read. Immediately Jay Philbrick knew what his friend was proposing.Most of Philbrick’s dramatic cliff portraits are set on New Hampshire’s Cathedral Ledge, a rock-faced cliff where subjects are lowered down to an outcrop by rope—no climbing skills required. But this friend was suggesting a portrait atop the Eaglet, a narrow rock spire that can be summited only by an experienced climber.© Philbrick PhotographyWas Philbrick up for it? Of...Continue Reading >

Making it work: Catherine Hall takes success as her responsibility

1.25.2019 Profiles

First and foremost, Catherine Hall considers herself a “people photographer.”In the early days when she was finding her feet, Hall tried a variety of subject matter: photojournalism, landscapes, architecture, travel. While the photographs were technically good, she wasn’t energized by the work. Portraits were another story.“With people, I realized I was able to bring something unique to the table,” she says. “I felt like I could attract clients willing to pay for my craft and...Continue Reading >