A story in every face

August 2015 issue News

Portrait photographer Randy Bacon launched his 7 Billion Ones website in April. But the idea to create the website, which features the portraits and stories of everyday people facing adversity, has been brewing for a long time. “For years and years my whole approach with photography has been trying to show the unique qualities of people and through their portraits to connect with the idea that we are each one of a kind and we each matter and that we have these stories that not only affect...Continue Reading >

Gratitude Envisioned

September 2015 issue News

Photo book chronicles cancer and inspiration    An uplifting book about cancer? Sounds like challenge. And it’s what Bill Aron set out to create with his recently released “New Beginnings: The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors.” The book catalogues the portraits and stories of 120 people who heard the words “You have cancer” and experienced life-altering positive personal growth as a result.© Bill AronProfessional Photographer: What inspired the project?Bill Aron: I was...Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: Charity auctions

September 2015 issue Business

Q. I support several schools and other charitable organizations through silent auctions and find it to be rewarding. However, I get a little frustrated when my display materials get lost, damaged, or are not displayed properly (for example, a digital frame not being plugged in). On various occasions, I’ve used an individual framed print, a large album, a press printed book, a folio, and a digital frame. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of small charity events in...Continue Reading >