Pete McBride’s epic photographic journeys

December 2018 issue Profiles

Documenting the Colorado River and the Grand CanyonLike most people who grew up in the Western United States, native Coloradan Pete McBride is acutely aware of water. From Colorado to California, life and lifestyle have been shaped by this ever-diminishing resource that provides the lifeblood to communities carved out of the desert, nourishment for farms bullied up from the arid ground, and catalyst for legal disputes between cities, states, and nations. Yet water remains something most...Continue Reading >

Photo series captures beauty of fragments

11.25.2018 News

The secret to Kristen Meyer’s graphically pleasing work? “I am really meticulous,” she says. “Many of my pictures could come together much quicker, but I spend a great deal of time refining the details.” To establish clean lines, she often draws a light pencil guideline, which she later erases. She and her husband, Colin, work together on the images: She styles the look, he shoots with a Nikon D700, and they both edit. They prefer natural light, occasionally with fill, and use...Continue Reading >

Mirrored: Photo series reveals contrasting views

11.25.2018 News

“No cheating,” says Sebastian Magnani of his series “Reflections,” in which the same round mirror is positioned in various environments to reflect different views. What was reflected in real life is what was captured in the photo, he notes—no editing. “I was many times overwhelmed,” he says.INSPIRATION: The concept for the series sprang to mind when Magnani’s girlfriend was holding a mirror. “I was so impressed by the big contrast between the reflecting light (the sky from...Continue Reading >

Science experiments lead to artful photographs

November 2018 issue News

Kaleidoscopes of form and colorEpsom salt, acetaminophen, vitamin supplements: It’s hard to believe these common drug store supplies are the subjects of Justin Zoll’s vibrant microscopy series.“I’ve always been very interested in science,” says Zoll, who often did experiments with a friend who owned a microscope. One day the pair connected Zoll’s DSLR to the microscope, and Zoll liked the result. He purchased his own microscope through eBay and began experimenting with...Continue Reading >

Saying thanks with portrait donations

November 2018 issue News

Gratitude for a life-saving rescueOn Jan. 17, my 13-year-old daughter Jolie didn’t come home.© Rogier van BakelEarlier in the day, she and her best friend, Julia, had been ice-skating on a nearby lake on Mount Desert Island, Maine, home to Acadia National Park. By 5 p.m., it was snowing, night had fallen, and I was frantic with worry. Julia’s mom and I determined that the girls had gone snowmobiling with Eli, Julia’s dad. There wasn’t a trace of them other than Ski-Doo...Continue Reading >

Keith Barraclough: Portrait whisperer

October 2018 issue Profiles

Keith Barraclough’s most challenging recent session? One hundred sixty portraits of 80 employees in eight hours. It took mental preparation, admits New York-based Barraclough of the corporate job. “You really are a conveyor belt.” Shooting with an assistant, he had roughly one minute with each subject and just seconds between them. As one subject moved over to the computer to check out their portraits, Barraclough was photographing the next. “You have to know that you aren’t...Continue Reading >

Wedding photographer documents longest-married guests

October 2018 issue News

When David Weightman photographs a wedding, he’s focused on one story: the bride and groom. “But there are many other relationships, many other couples, and many other stories that could potentially be told” at a wedding, he says.So as a personal project, at each of his clients’ weddings, he delves into a compelling sidebar—the longest married couple at the wedding and their secret to a successful marriage.Several weeks before the wedding, Weightman asks the couple to identify the...Continue Reading >

Brilliant photos spring from brilliant ideas, says Sandro Miller

8.28.2018 News

Commercial photographer Sandro Miller's greatest pride isn't his ad work; it's the personal projects he's engaged in throughout his career. Here's what he has to say about inspiration, personal projects, and his unique partnership with actor John Malkovich:RELATED: Learn more about Miller's work and see a gallery of his images.  Continue Reading >

Creative side projects fuel Sandro Miller’s success

September 2018 issue Profiles

“I think ideas make great pictures,” says veteran commercial and fine art photographer Sandro Miller. He’s responding to a question about preferred equipment but insists that it’s a non-issue. “I could take a good picture with a $25 camera or a $20,000 camera,” he says. “It’s not about the equipment. …Thoughts make great pictures. Doing your homework makes great pictures. But the biggest thing is having a great idea. That is what makes a great picture.”© Sandro...Continue Reading >

Quintessential Malkovich: Sandro Miller’s project salutes iconic images

January 2015 issue News

The 1999 fantasy film “Being John Malkovich,” finds characters entering a portal in John Malkovich’s brain. Photographer Sandro Miller’s popular creative project required the reverse: Malkovich climbed inside the minds of photography’s most compelling subjects, striking pitch-perfect poses that helped Miller recreate historic works.The images Miller selected to pay tribute to in his series “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters” are those that have...Continue Reading >