Outside, looking in

April 2016 issue Business

Gaining community and guidance to grow a businessTen years ago, Stacey Williams Dunse, CPP, launched her studio, Tailfeather Photography, in the small town of Webster, South Dakota. Situated in a rural patch of the state about two hours south of Fargo and five hours west of Minneapolis, Webster is home to fewer than 2,000 people. Dunse set herself up as the town’s do-it-all photographer and built a client base from the surrounding area. Business was growing, but she felt a few things were...Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: Build a network

April 2016 issue Business

Q. My business is very new, and I’m looking for ways to grow beyond the few clients I already have. People who have hired me have all said they’ll tell people about me, but so far that hasn’t translated into actual referrals. I’m at the point where I won’t get new customers without some marketing, and I don’t want to waste time with ineffective marketing efforts. I need some advice.A. The most effective marketing is still word of mouth, and there are a ton of people you can...Continue Reading >

My studio: Jerry Ghionis’ chic Beverly Hills location

November 2014 issue Business

Jerry Ghionis, M.Photog.Cr., has been photographing professionally for 22 years. He began by assisting a prominent photographer and then in 1997 started his own business in Victoria, Australia. It grew to become one of the biggest studios in the country, photographing more than 300 weddings a year and employing 15 people.In 2007, Jerry opened a boutique studio in Melbourne, Australia, with the goal of providing a more personalized, luxurious experience for clients. He and his wife, Melissa...Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: printed brochures

October 2015 issue Business

Q. My brochures are out of date and need to be reprinted. My current brochure includes pricing and session fees. Should I keep that info? Or should I entirely rethink using printed brochures for marketing?A. Most of my clients are consumers who want to hold tangible products in their hands. You cannot overestimate the power of the sense of touch. It’s appealing to them to be able to handle our products and feel the texture. In fact, when speaking about our canvas portraits, I invite clients...Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: multiple websites

September 2015 issue Business

Q. I do both fine art and event photography. From a marketing standpoint, is it better to have a separate website for each specialty or should I keep a single cohesive website with galleries of both types of my work?A. A good question to ask yourself when debating a marketing question is, Who is my client? In this scenario, a client looking for fine-art photography doesn’t want to see table shots from your most recent event work. These two types of photography are worlds apart in approach...Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: Charity auctions

September 2015 issue Business

Q. I support several schools and other charitable organizations through silent auctions and find it to be rewarding. However, I get a little frustrated when my display materials get lost, damaged, or are not displayed properly (for example, a digital frame not being plugged in). On various occasions, I’ve used an individual framed print, a large album, a press printed book, a folio, and a digital frame. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of small charity events in...Continue Reading >