Chris Knight: Anatomy of an image

9.25.2017 Tech

© Chris KnightThe story behind "The Queen of the North" Photographer: Chris KnightDate: Sept. 21, 2016Location: Dream Shoot Studio, New York CityTitle: The Queen of the NorthCircumstances: Portrait of photographer Lindsay AdlerEquipment used: A Profoto Softlight reflector (beauty dish) with a diffuser was pointed at the face. An XL Profoto Deep White Umbrella with diffuser was positioned behind the camera to fill in the shadows and control the overall contrast. A Profoto Softbox...Continue Reading >

To be a better photographer, get to know light

November 2016 issue Tech

Crafting light from the shadowsOne of my first recollections of appreciating the beauty of light was on a family road trip when I excitedly pointed out the play of light and shadow on a grassy ridge to a less-than-impressed audience. I am still on that lifelong quest to replicate the beauty of light that comes out of the shadows—to not just see the light but know the light.My goal in lighting most portraits, especially sports portraits, is not a 3:1 lighting ratio with detail in the...Continue Reading >

Super Soft Silver for Your Speedlight Flash

9.23.2016 Tech

The Rogue FlashBender 2 - XL Pro Super Soft Silver Reflector is the speedlight version of Rogue’s collapsible reflector. It features Super Soft Silver fabric, providing a higher output of soft non-directional light than Rogue’s standard white Flashbender 2 - XL Pro reflector. The reflective surface measures 13x16 inches and it weighs just 9.6 ounces. The FlashBender 2 XL Pro Super Soft Silver Reflector has five metal positioning rods you can use to throw light where you need it. The...Continue Reading >

Beauty to go

June 2016 issue Tech

Descended from the Profoto classic Softlight Reflector, the new OCF Beauty Dish features some bold modifications to make it small and lighter while maintaining its ability to create creamy, crisp light.©This beauty dish is made of fabrics rather than metal and collapses to fit in a small carrying bag. Just snap it onto an OCF Speedring—no rod fumbling required—and get a full 56-centimeter light modifier.It comes in silver or white and includes a deflector plate, diffuser, and...Continue Reading >

3 awesome modifiers

December 2015 issue Tech

You’re probably familiar with essential light modifiers like soft boxes, umbrellas, and strip soft boxes. Your kit may even delve a little deeper into less common tools like beauty dishes, ring lights, or snoots. What about something a little different to get some new and exciting results? I’m thinking about three awesome light modifiers you may have never heard of. These aren’t everyday go-to tools, but they can be a source of inspiration or may help you solve a creative problem in the...Continue Reading >

Light it right

October 2015 issue Tech

Octabank vs. beauty dishFor many years well-meaning mentors have given photographers lighting recipes in the form of detailed descriptions and diagrams. They present rigorous lighting formulas with the belief that they’re helping photographers understand the intricacies of lighting by offering specific schemes to follow. I believe in going beyond recipes to understand the complexities of lighting, the theories behind good photographic lighting, and the why’s of light and shadow control....Continue Reading >