Find the self in Cecilia Paredes’ camouflaged self-portraits

March 2019 issue News

Photographer Cecilia Paredes is nearly indistinguishable from the loud wallpaper and fabric patterns she uses in her ongoing portrait series.                                 Because she acts as the subject in most of the images, her assistants are charged with rehearsing and then painting the matching pattern onto her skin with body paint.“The main challenge is not the actual match of the pattern,” Paredes says, “but to come across with the message I as an artist would like to...Continue Reading >

Why Tony Hewitt’s photography business thrives on diversification

February 2019 issue Profiles

"It’s fair to say that I’m not someone who likes to sit still.”Anyone who’s met Tony Hewitt wouldn’t argue that. An Australian Institute of Professional Photography Grand Master of Photography, Hewitt is former Australian Photographer of the Year with a resume full of accolades. The Perth, Australia-based photographer started out in weddings, covering about 1,000 of them before evolving more into portrait work, then commercial photography, then fine art, landscape, and aerial...Continue Reading >

Photo series captures beauty of fragments

11.25.2018 News

The secret to Kristen Meyer’s graphically pleasing work? “I am really meticulous,” she says. “Many of my pictures could come together much quicker, but I spend a great deal of time refining the details.” To establish clean lines, she often draws a light pencil guideline, which she later erases. She and her husband, Colin, work together on the images: She styles the look, he shoots with a Nikon D700, and they both edit. They prefer natural light, occasionally with fill, and use...Continue Reading >

Mirrored: Photo series reveals contrasting views

11.25.2018 News

“No cheating,” says Sebastian Magnani of his series “Reflections,” in which the same round mirror is positioned in various environments to reflect different views. What was reflected in real life is what was captured in the photo, he notes—no editing. “I was many times overwhelmed,” he says.INSPIRATION: The concept for the series sprang to mind when Magnani’s girlfriend was holding a mirror. “I was so impressed by the big contrast between the reflecting light (the sky from...Continue Reading >

Science experiments lead to artful photographs

November 2018 issue News

Kaleidoscopes of form and colorEpsom salt, acetaminophen, vitamin supplements: It’s hard to believe these common drug store supplies are the subjects of Justin Zoll’s vibrant microscopy series.“I’ve always been very interested in science,” says Zoll, who often did experiments with a friend who owned a microscope. One day the pair connected Zoll’s DSLR to the microscope, and Zoll liked the result. He purchased his own microscope through eBay and began experimenting with...Continue Reading >

Artful decay: Bobby Neel Adams’ photography in mourning

August 2018 issue Profiles

© Bobby Neel Adams Bobby Neel AdamsThe cat is lying amid purple-streaked chrysanthemums as if suspended in the motion of running. A line of individual petals outline the feline’s form, and a trail of stigmata extend in the lower corner. The cat is dead. In fact, the carcass appears to be roadkill. “I hate more and more what man is doing to this planet by depleting natural resources and raping and pillaging the land,” says Bobby Neel Adams. “We have never been in such disharmony with...Continue Reading >