The seeds that could save humanity

9.7.2016 News

Designed to survive any threat—failures of refrigeration, terrorism, explosions, rising sea levels, and the worst climate change predictions—the Global Seed Vault stands cached in the Arctic landscape of Plateau Mountain on an island in the Norwegian archipelego of Svalbard. In "Seeds on Ice: Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault," images by renowned Norwegian photographer Mari Tefre, National Geographic and Traveler photographer Jim Richardson, and author Cary Fowler, who led the initial...Continue Reading >

Kenneth C. Holston tells Baltimore rioters’ story

September 2016 issue News

In April 2015, when U.S. Air Force photojournalist Kenneth C. Holston heard news of the riots in Baltimore, he headed straight for the action.“I'd just returned from photographing jets taking off,” says Holston, who was stationed at South Carolina's Shaw Air Force Base at the time. “I saw on CNN things starting to happen in Baltimore and I wanted to cover it. So I got a ticket.” After he flew in, he rented a car and used Google Maps to navigate to the CVS that rioters had just set...Continue Reading >

Magical communion

February 2016 issue Profiles

Terri Gold unveils a common humanityOne friend told her she was crazy; another said she was insane. Others were even less kind. “I didn’t really blame them for telling me I was nutty to travel to Niger in West Africa in 2014,” says Manhattan-based Terri Gold. “After all, Ebola had recently broken out [in West  Africa] and the U.S. State Department was warning against traveling to much of the country.” The Peace Corps and other NGOs had already pulled out of Niger due to threats from...Continue Reading >