Team USA clinches 2018 World Photographic Cup

5.7.2018 News

After losing the World Photographic Cup to Portugal for the past two years, Team USA reclaimed the top spot for 2018. Competition results were announced May 6 in Sydney, Australia, with 30 countries represented. WPC pits teams of photographers from various countries against one another in friendly competition. The top 10 WPC images in each category for 2018:CommercialIllustration / Digital ArtNaturePortraitReportage / PhotojournalismWeddingCreated in 2013 through a partnership...Continue Reading >

Witness to history: Harry Benson’s Robert F. Kennedy assassination images

December 2017 issue News

Famed photojournalist Harry Benson has always prided himself on “being at the center of things” and “getting the goods” when it comes to an assignment. That commitment to return with great pictures, no matter how harrowing the conditions, was in evidence when he received the June 1968 assignment to cover Sen. Robert F. Kennedy after he won California’s presidential primary.“I was standing on a chair photographing Bobby in the Ambassador Hotel and followed him as he headed for a...Continue Reading >

Harry Benson has photographed it all

December 2017 issue Profiles

“Harry Benson? You’re going to interview Harry Benson?” Liz Smith, the 94-year-old doyenne of the New York City gossip corps, asks when I telephone her about her longtime friend. “He’s a charmer. You’ll love him. Everybody loves Harry.”It’s a comment I’ll encounter again and again as I research Glasgow, Scotland-born Benson, the world-famous photographer who’s made iconic images of The Beatles, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, and every U.S. president since Eisenhower. In...Continue Reading >

Photo series highlights human trafficking in Kenya

September 2017 issue News

One way to garner support for a cause is to put a face on it. But what to do when there’s no face to feature, such as the case with human trafficking victims, who need their identities concealed?© Matilde SimasWhen fine art and documentary photographer Matilde Simas volunteered with HAART Kenya, a nonprofit that supports victims of human trafficking, she had to devise ways to capture portraits without revealing victims’ faces. Adult victims chose to pose with their hands covering...Continue Reading >

Three photographers win $30,000 Catchlight fellowships

July 2017 issue News

Three photographers received the first annual CatchLight Fellowship—a $30,000 grant for thought-provoking photography projects intended to further social good. More than 300 photographers applied for the grants, submitting portfolios, project proposal essays, and letters of recommendation, as well as participating in an interview process. They also were required to identify a partner organization they’d like to team up with on their proposed projects. © Tomas van HoutryveSarah...Continue Reading >

It’s not wedding photojournalism, but it looks like it

June 2017 issue Profiles

Allison and Brian Callaway Polish RealityBefore they stepped behind the camera, both Allison and Brian Callaway made their living in front of it. Brian worked for years as an actor and Allison as a model. Despite living in someone else’s lens, the L.A. couple say neither ever felt comfortable being photographed.Years ago, when Allison and Brian transitioned their Los Angeles-based Callaway Gable Studios to professional wedding photography, they channeled that discomfort. Their experience...Continue Reading >

Can you make a street portrait in 30 seconds flat?

May 2017 issue News

It’s easy to get lost in the eyes of Nicola Davison Reed’s eclectic street portrait subjects. And yet the subjects were strangers to Reed, and the images were made in just 30 seconds. We caught up with Davison Reed, who lives in Tuxford, England, to find out more about her personal project “30 Seconds of Street Portrait.”Many photographers find it tough to approach strangers on the street. What’s your tack?My strategy is clear the mind. It can be as tough as you make it or as...Continue Reading >

Beast on deck: Photography at sea

2.15.2017 News

A Canon, fish-gutty gloves, and seawater: All in a day's work for Joel WoodsThough he considers himself more fisherman than photographer, Joel Woods has made countless images documenting working life on boats. Having spent 20 years earning a living on the sea, he’s learned hard lessons in life and photography, and he’s proved his talent for creative work that captures the hardships and danger inherent in commercial fishing.Woods’ photographs were recently featured in Yankee...Continue Reading >

The seeds that could save humanity

9.7.2016 News

Designed to survive any threat—failures of refrigeration, terrorism, explosions, rising sea levels, and the worst climate change predictions—the Global Seed Vault stands cached in the Arctic landscape of Plateau Mountain on an island in the Norwegian archipelego of Svalbard. In "Seeds on Ice: Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault," images by renowned Norwegian photographer Mari Tefre, National Geographic and Traveler photographer Jim Richardson, and author Cary Fowler, who led the initial...Continue Reading >