International Photography Hall of Fame names 2019 inductees

July 2019 issue News

National Geographic assignment photographer and marine biologist Paul Nicklen captured this image of a grizzly bear surfacing  from salmon fishing in the Fishing Branch River in Yukon, Canada. He is one of eight photographers to be inducted into the class of 2019 Photography Hall of Fame by the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum. The other honorees include Bruce Davidson (social/civil rights photographer), Elliott Erwitt (advertising/documentary photographer), Ralph Gibson (art...Continue Reading >

Unscripted wedding moments by Two Mann Studios

June 2019 issue Profiles

How’s this for honesty from award winning wedding photographer Erika Mann: “I find weddings boring.”Really? “I know that sounds a little crazy, given our business, but what I mean to say is that most weddings are scripted, pageantry-like events that follow a set pattern or timeline: the first kiss, the cake cut, and on and on. B-O-R-I-N-G!”She pauses for a moment, takes a breath, and continues: “However, what I do not find boring are the people, the personalities, the...Continue Reading >

Humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine documents the world

May 2019 issue Profiles

The Shaur warrior led the way. Lisa Kristine had been living among the warrior’s community in 2017, documenting their lives in the Amazon region of Ecuador. When it came time to take his photo, she followed him to a place he said was sacred to him: a clearing where waterfalls cascaded against a backdrop of lush, green vegetation. He said, “Every plant, every waterfall, is like a child to me.” And Kristine knew she had her shot.Lisa Kristine © Lisa KristineThat experience and the...Continue Reading >

Dream job: Kelly Fitzsimmons tackles political photography

May 2019 issue News

Kelly Fitzsimmons was photographing a friend’s book launch when mutual friend Meredith DeWitt approached her about a gig. “She says, ‘I’ve been watching you and I like the way you move around the crowd,’” Fitzsimmons explains. “‘You’re so stealth and unobtrusive.’” She asked Fitzsimmons if she’d like to photograph a small event. She’d follow up with details, she said.Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel. People in attendance: 50. Photo needs: candids. What she didn’t...Continue Reading >

Photographer Andy Sweet’s South Beach of the late 1970s

3.21.2019 News

Shtetl in the SunIf not for a family discovery of boxes of 8x8-inch work prints, photographer Andy Sweet’s body of work might have been lost forever. The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU has opened the first solo exhibit of Sweet’s photography, “Shtetl in the Sun: Andy Sweet’s South Beach 1977-1980,” which runs through June 23.© Andy Sweet Andy Sweet (center) was an affable and fun-loving young photographer, having just entered his artistic journey and becoming well known for...Continue Reading >

Veteran photographer Joel Meyerowitz continues to evolve

March 2019 issue Profiles

If you want to find out what world-famous photographer Joel Meyerowitz has been up to for the past 50-some years you could start with the 352-page retrospective of his life’s work, “Where I Find Myself,” which was published last year on his 80th birthday.Right off the bat, in the first chapter, he drops hints. He writes, “How did I get here? Living on a farm in Tuscany. Nearly 80 years old, and once again the force of photography provokes me to think about something I’ve never...Continue Reading >

Joel Meyerowitz: ground zero historian

2.25.2019 News

Longtime New York City resident and acclaimed chronicler of its vibrant street life Joel Meyerowitz was out of town when the Twin Towers were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001. Five days later, he rushed to the site but discovered it had been cordoned off. All he could see from four blocks away was smoke rising in the distance. Nevertheless, he raised his Leica to take a photo and was immediately slapped on the back by a policewoman who shouted, “No photographs, buddy, this is a crime...Continue Reading >

How Ami Vitale made the 2019 Lavazza calendar

March 2019 issue News

“It was a match made in heaven,” says seasoned photojournalist Ami Vitale of her recent partnership with coffee company Lavazza for its annual calendar. She photographed six pieces of artwork in outdoor spaces in various parts of the world for the project.What she loved about it: The project struck a chord with Vitale because of its uplifting theme: highlighting communities that have connected with their natural environment in a positive way. In 2009, after years photographing human...Continue Reading >