How to light photographs underwater

10.25.2018 Tech

Stephen Frink, one of the world’s most-published underwater photographers, freely shares the No. 1 tip he gives students who want to raise their work to a higher professional level: “The key to making a great underwater photograph is good lighting.”Water is denser than air, and it absorbs color very quickly. Because color is lost the deeper you go, high-quality lighting is paramount. Ambient light is insufficient and straight-on lighting is too bright. Any snorkeler weilding a...Continue Reading >

In deep and up close: Underwater photographer Stephen Frink

November 2018 issue Profiles

Holding onto success despite changing tides As he sips a cup of coffee in a Starbucks near his Key Largo studio in the Florida Keys, veteran underwater photographer Stephen Frink doesn’t pause for a second when asked to name the most important requirement for a great underwater photograph.“That’s easy,” says the 69-year-old Frink, whom many publications have called the world’s most widely published underwater photographer. “It’s proximity.”Frink is on a roll. After taking...Continue Reading >

Keith Barraclough: Portrait whisperer

October 2018 issue Profiles

Keith Barraclough’s most challenging recent session? One hundred sixty portraits of 80 employees in eight hours. It took mental preparation, admits New York-based Barraclough of the corporate job. “You really are a conveyor belt.” Shooting with an assistant, he had roughly one minute with each subject and just seconds between them. As one subject moved over to the computer to check out their portraits, Barraclough was photographing the next. “You have to know that you aren’t...Continue Reading >

Brilliant photos spring from brilliant ideas, says Sandro Miller

8.28.2018 News

Commercial photographer Sandro Miller's greatest pride isn't his ad work; it's the personal projects he's engaged in throughout his career. Here's what he has to say about inspiration, personal projects, and his unique partnership with actor John Malkovich:RELATED: Learn more about Miller's work and see a gallery of his images.  Continue Reading >

Creative side projects fuel Sandro Miller’s success

September 2018 issue Profiles

“I think ideas make great pictures,” says veteran commercial and fine art photographer Sandro Miller. He’s responding to a question about preferred equipment but insists that it’s a non-issue. “I could take a good picture with a $25 camera or a $20,000 camera,” he says. “It’s not about the equipment. …Thoughts make great pictures. Doing your homework makes great pictures. But the biggest thing is having a great idea. That is what makes a great picture.”© Sandro...Continue Reading >

Photo series: Ballerinas and dogs

September 2018 issue News

It couldn’t have been simpler. “One day I thought, Wouldn’t it be fun to try to do a photo session with a dancer and a dog?” And after one session, Pratt & Kreidich Photographers’ “Dancers & Dogs” series was born.St. Louis, Missouri-based Kelly Pratt Kreidich and her husband, Ian Kreidich, have been photographing the St. Louis Ballet for four years. They wanted to show a lighter side to ballet dancers, who are typically depicted and perceived as serious. Adding a dog to the mix...Continue Reading >

How Andy Frame brokered his way into real estate photography

July 2018 issue Profiles

South Florida-based photographer Andy Frame has just completed shooting two real estate assignments and is on his way to a third—a multimillion-dollar waterfront condo near Miami. I’ve joined him for the afternoon to see him in action, and we’re chatting about how he got his start and eventually flourished in the demanding business of real estate and architectural photography.As Frame, 48, weaves his Volkswagen Jetta through crazy-fast I-95 traffic, he recalls the day nearly a decade...Continue Reading >

Dream job: Sailing race photographer

July 2018 issue Business

Sea ChaseCompetitive sailing is a rare photography niche, but for Sharon Green, who grew up sailing on Lake Ontario in Canada, it fits like a glove.Green’s father sailed around the world when he was a young man and passed along his love of the sport to Green, who sailed competitively in her early teens. In high school, she became interested in photography, attending a summer program at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity led by an Ansel Adams protégé. Soon after, she trained her...Continue Reading >

Anatomy of an Image: Lyrical moment in Paris

6.25.2018 Tech

Photographer: Melika DezDate: July 2, 2017Location: Palais Royal, ParisSubject: Ten of the 16 male members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance TheaterEquipment: Canon 5D Mark IV camera with a 500mm Sigma Art Series lensDez says: One of these dancers, Michael, wanted to do an all-male photo shoot with his coworkers and thought that Paris, which the company was visiting on tour, would be a perfect location. I had done some scouting around Paris prior to the company arriving in the city. I...Continue Reading >