How to Correct Wide-Angle Stretch

September 2020 issue Tech

If you’re using lenses 24mm or wider, you’ve likely noticed unnatural effects at the edges of your images. This is especially apparent when a lack of space forces you to use a wide-angle lens for a group photo or wedding party. These abberations exist even after applying lens corrections in editing software because they’re not the result of optical lens distortions but due to an effect called anamorphosis or, more commonly, volume deformation.Volume deformation arises because a... Continue Reading >

13 productivity tips

February 2016 issue Business

What I learned at Adobe MaxEach year Adobe Systems presents its Adobe Max Creativity Conference  showcasing products that will hit the market soon and revealing what the company envisions for the future. But the real value to most participants is the bounty of sessions presented by industry educators. Participants  get a creative boost and learn some helpful tricks. Presenters acknowledge that most users have a preference for either a Lightroom or Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) workflow;... Continue Reading >