Highly focused LED Fresnel

June 2019 issue Tech

© Courtesy NanLiteThe NanLite LitoLite 8F Focusable LED Fresnel is compact and suited for use on-camera, on a light stand, or on a tripod. It’s easily portable at only 0.7 pounds and offers powerful, flicker-free light output in a range from a 10-degree spotlight to a 60-degree flood, dimmable from 0 to 100 percent.It uses high-efficiency LEDs that produce up to 560 lumens of illumination, comes with warming (3,200K) and cooling (6,500K) filters, barn doors, and a case, and also has an... Continue Reading >

Capture your subject’s true colors

2.13.2019 News

1. Understand your subjectMaking good portraits relies heavily on photographers' personal perceptions and judgements, neither of which is related to the technical aspects of photography. Good portraiture is a display of who the subject believes himself or herself to be as well as an interpretive expression of who the photographer believes the subject to be.Sometimes these perceptions can end up on the opposite side of the spectrum. This is why it's important to get to know a subject before... Continue Reading >

Cord free: Interfit Badger Unleashed wireless strobe

January 2019 issue Tech

I’m always on the lookout for products that offer an innovative solution to common problems. For instance, we all want studio quality light when we’re on location, but no one wants the hassle of cords and extra weight. I take a studio strobe and external battery pack with me on all location sessions, so when I heard about the Badger Unleashed TTL/HSS 250Ws wireless strobe, I was intrigued.© BETSY FINN Before my first trial run, I fully charged the batteries, which takes 90 minutes.... Continue Reading >

John Gress’ best portrait lighting techniques

December 2018 issue Profiles

Ask John Gress what he does for a living, and he’ll tell you he lights things. The whole truth is more detailed: a career spanning two decades of photojournalism, commercial photography, portraiture, videography, and more. Along the way, he’s become one of  the nation’s foremost experts on lighting, with an emphasis on using artificial light and light modifiers to enhance reality—natural light, only better.© John GressIn the run-up to his presentation at Imaging USA in January... Continue Reading >

Design Value: ProMediaGear BBX Boomerang Flash Bracket

December 2018 issue Tech

I’ve had an ongoing tolerate-hate relationship with flash brackets for decades. Each one I’ve owned has been an awkward one-trick pony. But the ProMediaGear BBX Boomerang has changed my feelings about flash brackets. Designed by working photographers, the Boomerang has gone through a series of refinements since it was introduced in 2010 by ProMediaGear’s engineer-photographer Fudala brothers. The bracket’s name is derived from the boomerang-like curve of the arm, an asymmetric arc that... Continue Reading >

Pro review: Cactus V6 II wireless flash trigger

11.25.2018 Tech

Canon or Nikon? What do you shoot? As photographers we often start conversations like this because once you’ve made that decision, you’re committed. But when it comes to speedlights and flash units, that’s not the case thanks to the Cactus V6 II wireless flash transceiver.Cactus calls the V6 II “the world’s first wireless flash trigger that supports cross-brand high-speed sync (HSS),” including power output and zoom features on speedlights manufactured by Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon,... Continue Reading >

Get smarter with the Adorama Flashpoint Xplor 600Pro TTL

November 2018 issue Tech

After four months of using the Adorama Flashpoint Xplor 600Pro TTL for tests, location assignments, and abuse by freelance assistants, I can attest to its reliability. In general, if electronics are going to go bad they’ll do so almost immediately, and so far, the Xplor 600Pro has passed this test.The largest project I’ve tackled with the Xplor 600Pro has been a multi-day shoot for an investment company. The 600Pro was the key light in a multi-light setup for formal group portraits and... Continue Reading >

Bring high-end lighting to school portraits

November 2018 issue Tech

Photographers Neal Freed and Bryan Blanken of Freed Photography transitioned from full-time wedding photography to school photography and succeeded by bringing a high-end portrait look to school photos. Here are some tips from Freed and Blanken on achieving a superior portrait in the rapid fire pace of school photos. They’ll share more at their Imaging USA program in January.Gabi Wright is a photographer in Silver Spring, Maryland. Continue Reading >