More power: Profoto B10 Plus

September 2019 issue Tech

© Courtesy ProfotoProfoto B10 Plus produces 10 times more light than a speedlight in a unit that’s about the same size as a large lens. Expect a high quality of light that’s natural with a soft falloff. The B10 Plus delivers twice the power of its slightly smaller sibling, the B10, but the price tag is only 25% higher.The B10 Plus is suitable for still photography as well as video. A dial on the unit lets you adjust brightness and color temperature to blend with ambient light. It uses... Continue Reading >

Easy swap Westcott Switch Series

November 2018 issue Tech

Have you ever settled for a soft box during a session because the one you really wanted to use had the wrong mounting ring? You’re not alone. And now there’s a solution with the new Westcott Switch series.You may be familiar with the Rapid Box, a collapsible soft box that can be assembled in moments. The Switch series soft boxes and beauty dish are collapsible, plus they have easily interchangeable mounting inserts.© FJ WESTCOTT Rapid Box Switch Octa-M, attaching insert This is... Continue Reading >

Lighting for sales: Use cinematic concepts to create realism

October 2018 issue Tech

Lights! Camera! Action! Harking back to early filmmaking days, these memorable words evoke visions of Hollywood directors and their ability to create realism through skillful lighting. Deanna Duncan, M.Photog.Cr., and Cris Duncan, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, of CjDuncan Photography of Lubbock, Texas, use cinematic lighting concepts to create dramatic realism in their photographs, which they say increases profits in the sales room. They’ll speak on this topic at Imaging USA 2019 in January.©... Continue Reading >

Lighting tutorial: How and why to use front, side, and back lighting

December 2017 issue Tech

© Alison CarlinoNo matter what genre of photography you work in, you have to control the direction, color, quantity, and quality of the light falling on your subject. There are three directions I use to create my images— front (or top-down), side, and back. Here’s how and why I use each.FRONT LIGHTINGConsider front-on full sun, where the light is shining straight into the subject’s face or coming in from the top down, such as noontime sun. This type of light is harsh. Clients may... Continue Reading >

Pete Rezac: Anatomy of an Image

December 2017 issue Tech

© Pete RezacPhotographer: Pete Rezac, M.Photog., Cr., CPPDate: September 8, 2017Location: Pete Rezac Photography Studio, Reno, NevadaSubject: Pete Rezac’s son dressed as musician SlashCircumstances: Halloween costumeEquipment: Nikon D750 Camera, Nikon 85mm 1.4D Lens, Studio Titan camera stand, Sekonic 758dr light meter, Paul C. Buff lighting and modifiers, medium softbox key light, strip box for separation light, 20-degree grid with barn doors for background light, 60-inch... Continue Reading >

3 corrective posing and lighting tips for portraits

November 2017 issue Tech

Making sure your client looks their best in your photos is paramount. High-volume portrait photographer Andrew Faulds, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, relies on these three corrective lighting and posing tricks to create portraits his subjects love:  © Andrew FauldsPose the client’s best side.Turn heavy-set subjects at an angle to the camera, which has a slimming effect. Shoot down from a slightly elevated angle, and have them lean in toward the camera so their hips are farther away and their... Continue Reading >

Chris Knight: Anatomy of an image

9.25.2017 Tech

© Chris KnightThe story behind "The Queen of the North" Photographer: Chris KnightDate: Sept. 21, 2016Location: Dream Shoot Studio, New York CityTitle: The Queen of the NorthCircumstances: Portrait of photographer Lindsay AdlerEquipment used: A Profoto Softlight reflector (beauty dish) with a diffuser was pointed at the face. An XL Profoto Deep White Umbrella with diffuser was positioned behind the camera to fill in the shadows and control the overall contrast. A Profoto Softbox... Continue Reading >

To be a better photographer, get to know light

November 2016 issue Tech

Crafting light from the shadowsOne of my first recollections of appreciating the beauty of light was on a family road trip when I excitedly pointed out the play of light and shadow on a grassy ridge to a less-than-impressed audience. I am still on that lifelong quest to replicate the beauty of light that comes out of the shadows—to not just see the light but know the light.My goal in lighting most portraits, especially sports portraits, is not a 3:1 lighting ratio with detail in the... Continue Reading >

Super Soft Silver for Your Speedlight Flash

9.23.2016 Tech

The Rogue FlashBender 2 - XL Pro Super Soft Silver Reflector is the speedlight version of Rogue’s collapsible reflector. It features Super Soft Silver fabric, providing a higher output of soft non-directional light than Rogue’s standard white Flashbender 2 - XL Pro reflector. The reflective surface measures 13x16 inches and it weighs just 9.6 ounces. The FlashBender 2 XL Pro Super Soft Silver Reflector has five metal positioning rods you can use to throw light where you need it. The... Continue Reading >