International Photographic Competition Goes Online for 2020

9.3.2020 News

PPA’s International Photographic Competition  hosted annually by Professional Photographers of America isn’t really a competition at all. It’s an opportunity for photographers to have their images evaluated by trained jurors and to receive constructive feedback from them. With a long history of identifying excellence, IPC challenges photographers to grow their artistic and technical skills by creatively capturing and then presenting their best images for review.This year, in response to... Continue Reading >

Imaging USA 2021 Goes Virtual

9.3.2020 News

With pressures mounting over the continued COVID-19 pandemic combined with looming event deadlines and deliverables, Professional Photographers of America announced plans to move Imaging USA 2021 into a virtual conference space. Included in the move are all facets of the event, including keynotes, pre-conference classes, educational programs, the Imaging Expo, photography exhibits, meetings, social activities, and awards ceremonies.Moving the event to a virtual format does not mean it will... Continue Reading >

A Shift to Macro Photography While Social Distancing

July 2020 issue Business

© Emmalee Schaumburgfollow your path of most resistance  Being a portrait photographer during a time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders has been challenging, to say the least. In 2012, I opened my first brick-and-mortar studio and concentrated on portraiture. I never would have thought I’d be forced to stay at home and temporarily stop doing what I love.While portrait photography is my primary focus and source of income, I also enjoy macro photography—specifically... Continue Reading >

5 Keys to Building Resilience

July 2020 issue Business

The ability to face adversity with strength and grace is a gift. Or maybe it’s a matter of training. Resilience—the ability to recover and move forward—is a powerful characteristic, and psychologists say it’s one we can learn to be become better at.Deepen your connections. Although we may tend to respond to stress by drawing inward, connecting with understanding family and friends helps us recognize that we’re not alone. Bonding with people who genuinely care about us provides... Continue Reading >

William Castellana’s Personal Project Evolved into a Children’s Book

July 2020 issue Profiles

William Castellana’s latest photographic collection could be considered something of a self-portrait. “Inquisitive Creatures” was born out of his longtime partner’s flight of fancy and propelled Castellana into yet another facet of photography: still-life images of incredibly detailed miniature sets. What resulted is a children’s book about four science-minded critters on a quest to build a time machine—a whimsical tale that, in the aggregate of its characters and the details of the... Continue Reading >

Whiz Kid Photographer Wows With Images of Model Cars

June 2020 issue News

© Courtesy Anthony Schmidt Anthony Schmidt hasn't let his youth hinder his artistry.It’s hard to believe the automobiles in Anthony Schmidt’s images are scale models, much less that the photos were created by a 12-year-old.Schmidt, who is on the autism spectrum, began making photographs of toy cars when he was six, says mother Ramona Schmidt. “He’s always loved cars from a very early age. The first words he spoke were makes and models of cars.” One day he began making photos of... Continue Reading >

Photographer Fuses Old and New Cityscapes

June 2020 issue News

Much has changed over the past century, including automobile design, fashion, and photographic technology. And yet, much hasn’t, suggests Mark Hersch’s “Time After Time” series. For his artworks, Hersch sources a vintage photo, makes a replica image of the same scene, and then fuses the two, drawing out the similarities and differences between each capture.© Mark HerschHow it began: A few years ago Hersch came across a 1905 image in Chicago. It was labeled “Shore Drive, Lincoln... Continue Reading >

Photographer Stitches Phantom Wall into Photos

May 2020 issue News

The Berlin Wall fell decades ago but its ghost remains—stitched, if you will—into the fabric of the city’s psyche. Such is the theme of fine art photographer Diane Meyer’s series “Berlin,” where a pixilated representation of the former wall is embroidered into print photographs of locations where it once stood.Inspiration: Meyer has a clear memory of watching the fall of the wall on television when she was 13 years old, she says. But she didn’t become captivated by its... Continue Reading >