Creation is a discipline, says Amy Feick

March 2019 issue Profiles

Amy Feick, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, was feeling trapped—not professionally, not intellectually, but psychologically—as she worked through a myriad of colliding emotions in the wake of personal trauma. She decided to explore this feeling through photography, and the mental image she concocted was a person wrapped in rubber bands. Rubber bands are elastic; you can push against them, but they’re still constricting. It’s a profound idea, she says, but “You can’t wrap people in rubber... Continue Reading >

Punch up photographs with pop culture appeal

January 2019 issue News

Sometimes you want to add a little of-the-moment zing to your photographs. Stock image purveyor Shutterstock has identified trends that speak to modern consumers. Find inspiration in the colors, patterns, and themes of these modern styles.© Professional Photographers of America Continue Reading >

Balancing art and commerce

August 2018 issue Business

Identifying the ideal balance between art and commerce is a challenge for every photographer. Guy Tal’s path to success has been a road beset with compromises, all made to achieve his ultimate goal. For Tal, that means having the financial security to sustain a life filled with reading, art, and the great outdoors.  These are some of the lessons he learned during his journey to building a career he loves.© Guy TalNever lose touch with why you do what you do. There are much easier... Continue Reading >