3 lessons in building a successful photography business

December 2018 issue Profiles

Jenn Lewis © Jenn LewisJenn Lewis has walked in the shoes of a struggling entrepreneur. Like many of the photographers she teaches, she’s made the mistake of undervaluing her work. She pushed through one challenge after another by trial and error until she discovered what works. Now running a thriving senior studio in Clemmons, North Carolina, she wants to help other photographers sidestep the hurdles she faced.Eleven years into her work as a photographer, Lewis has a solid business... Continue Reading >

Jason and JoAnne Marino discuss in-person sales

9.25.2018 Business

How'd you like to grow your business 400 to 500 percent? Jason and JoAnne Marino of Imagine Photography made it happen by switching to in-person sales. Here's what they say about in-person sales, print products, and their move from wedding to portrait photography. RELATED: Learn more about the Marinos' in-person sales journey Continue Reading >

In-person sales ignited JoAnne and Jason Marino’s business

October 2018 issue Profiles

Lie down on the ground and snap photos of a bride and groom racing toward you on a motorcycle and a horse? No problem. Hang out the back of an SUV to capture images of an engaged couple driving down the road in a Corvette? Why not? Hop a last-minute 20-hour flight to Guyana to photograph the nuptials of a newly acquired client? Been there, done that. © Imagine Photography Jason and JoAnne MarinoInsanely adventurous wedding photography was once the bastion of JoAnne and Jason Marino’s... Continue Reading >

Bridging the gap between photographers and consumers

September 2018 issue News

Your favorite photography event has upped the ante. Imaging USA 2019, slated to kick off in Atlanta in January, promises to break new ground. Along with the blockbuster educational programming and epic parties for which PPA’s annual convention has long been known, unique programming will debut that promises to help photographers better connect with consumers.Unique new programmingPPA has embarked on an initiative to help bridge the gap between professional photographers and consumers.... Continue Reading >

A portrait sales blueprint

July 2018 issue Business

Bruce and Josh Hudson share their formula for portrait sales successBehind every successful business is a successful system. Portrait photography is no exception. Over more than 35 years, Hudson's Portrait Design, located outside of Seattle, has established proven systems not only for driving strong sales but also building relationships that lead to years of repeat bookings from loyal clients. Now, the father-son duo of Bruce Hudson, M.Photog.Cr., and Josh Hudson share the blueprint to that... Continue Reading >

10 tips for face-to-face selling

June 2018 issue Business

Over the past 14 years, I’ve increased my studio’s annual revenue nearly tenfold, with consistent, predictable gains each year. And in the past four years, according to the PPA Benchmark, my studio has ranked in the top 5 percent of PPA member studios across the country in both gross and net revenue. This isn’t bragging. It’s an illustration of the power of in-person sales (IPS).© Johnny SundbyThere’s a distinct difference between the photographer who conducts live, in-person... Continue Reading >

The 90 percent solution for photography sales

May 2018 issue Profiles

Thirty-five years ago, when Bruce Hudson, M.Photog.Cr., and his late wife launched Hudson’s Portrait Design near Seattle, they handled proofing and sales like most studios at the time. Bruce would photograph a client, who came back a few weeks later to pick up paper proofs and take them home to review, calling the studio two weeks later to place an order. One common problem: Those two weeks often turned into two months, and sometimes into two years. The Hudsons sat on a growing pile of lost... Continue Reading >

7 tips on making the switch to in-person sales

2.26.2018 Business

Making the switch from shoot-and-burn to in-person sales can be intimidating, even downright scary, for photographers. But the process may be far less painful than you fear. Here, some ideas about how to move forward with IPS.Stop making excuses. You can find a million reasons to delay. Just do it, and do it now. Consider the famous question from Erin Hanson, “But what if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”Don’t worry about experience. You don’t need to be an experienced... Continue Reading >

In-person sales: Change one thing to earn three times the revenue

1.26.2018 Business

Don’t talk yourself out of successIf you’re using an online portfolio to let clients view your images from the comfort of their home, you’re missing out on hundreds, even thousands, of dollars of business income. Online portfolios are an easy way for you to let clients decide what they want, but they’re not a profitable way to sell images and they don’t give clients the exciting experience they crave.My business transformed when I modified my sales strategy with a single change.... Continue Reading >

Slideshows: Click-and-go or customize

February 2018 issue Tech

Photodex Proshow 9If you’ve been around the photography industry for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of ProShow Producer from Photodex. ProShow Producer is a full-featured video slideshow maker with plenty of customization options for users who want control over every detail. But don’t let that scare you away if you’re more of a click-and-done user. Whether you want to custom build slideshows frame by frame or quickly generate a saleable slideshow, you’ll find ProShow... Continue Reading >