Small space, big business

January 2020 issue Business

Run a profitable business of any sizeWhen Marnie Clagett, CPP, opened her studio in 2009, the term “studio” was a bit of a stretch—to be more precise, it was a bit of a squeeze. Clagett worked out of a snug 110-square-foot room in her home in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, using the space as a camera room, a presentation and consultation area, and eventually a shared office when her husband joined the business full time.Clagett would ultimately purchase a live-work space in her town’s... Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: Home studio

December 2015 issue Business

Q. I recently started a photography business out of my home and do location shoots only. Since I’m not in a position to offer in-person sales, I need to find other ways to unveil the photos and hold a sales session. How can a location photographer without a studio present clients with ordering options to ensure print sales?A. In the early days of our business I served clients in a city that was nearly an hour away. Even though I had a studio building, I wanted to reach clients in a specific... Continue Reading >