Generation Real: Decoding the Gen Z Client

December 2020 issue Profiles

When Renee Bowen launched her senior portrait business in suburban Los Angeles in 2007, her clients were millennial teens hungry to post her images all over social media. But in 2014, she began to notice a shift in clients’ attitudes toward marketing and photographic style. She realized she was witnessing the transition into a new and different group of teenagers, Generation Z. Fascinated by this fresh crop of clients and how she could tailor her offerings and marketing to appeal to their... Continue Reading >

Phyllis Kuykendall found her pricing sweet spot

May 2020 issue Profiles

© Phyllis Kuykendall Photographer Phyllis KuykendallJust outside Fort Worth, Texas, Phyllis Kuykendall, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, runs Lilly Blue Photography on three verdant acres of land. On the property are a weathered, vintage truck, a rope swing adorned with floral garland, a swimming pool, and an old barn recently outfitted with a 12x20-foot bay and various backgrounds. It’s an idyllic setting that offers an ample variety of textures and backgrounds for high school senior portraits. And it... Continue Reading >

Tara Rudy: Clients Respond to an Open Heart

April 2020 issue Profiles

Since she was a child, Tara Rudy dedicated her life to one goal: becoming a police officer. She studied criminal justice, worked in security, went to the police academy, and eventually earned her badge.Tara Rudy, courtesy Tara Rudy But somewhere along the line, another passion sparked within her. While working security at a local mall and preparing for the police academy, Rudy gained an interest in portrait photography after befriending an employee at the mall’s Glamour Shots... Continue Reading >

6 Posing Tips for Confidence-boosting Senior Sessions

April 2020 issue Profiles

Carla Lynn, CPP, sees her work as more than making senior portraits clients will love. It’s also for the purpose of confidence building. She describes her typical client as an introverted teen girl who hasn’t yet grown into her self-confidence.“My client is the shy, quiet, quirky girl who has a hard time with self-love,” says Lynn, who’s based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. “Even some of the most beautiful girls lack confidence.”© Carla LynnCoaxing... Continue Reading >

Real relationships built Ike & Tash’s senior portrait business

December 2019 issue Profiles

If you ask Tash Haynes how the photography studio she owns with her husband, Ike, stays relevant in the ever-changing senior portrait market, her answer is succinct: relationships.Tash and Ike Hayes will present a session at Imaging USA 2020.A lot of photographers say that. “Relationships” is a marketing buzzword, and everyone with a camera likes to talk about how they build connections with clients. But at the Haynes’ Tacoma, Washington, studio, Ike & Tash, the relationship... Continue Reading >

How to lay the groundwork for a smooth portrait session

December 2019 issue Profiles

“Be prepared” isn’t just a motto for the Boy Scouts. It’s a surefire way to streamline your business so that sessions run smoothly for everyone involved. Jaimy Ellis, M.Photog., proves this time and time again through her thriving high school senior portrait business, which she runs out of her home just outside of Iowa City, Iowa.© Jaimy Ellis“I learned pretty quickly in my career that the more information and education I can give my client ahead of time, the easier the process... Continue Reading >