Real relationships built Ike & Tash’s senior portrait business

December 2019 issue Profiles

If you ask Tash Haynes how the photography studio she owns with her husband, Ike, stays relevant in the ever-changing senior portrait market, her answer is succinct: relationships.Tash and Ike Hayes will present a session at Imaging USA 2020.A lot of photographers say that. “Relationships” is a marketing buzzword, and everyone with a camera likes to talk about how they build connections with clients. But at the Haynes’ Tacoma, Washington, studio, Ike & Tash, the relationship... Continue Reading >

How to lay the groundwork for a smooth portrait session

December 2019 issue Profiles

“Be prepared” isn’t just a motto for the Boy Scouts. It’s a surefire way to streamline your business so that sessions run smoothly for everyone involved. Jaimy Ellis, M.Photog., proves this time and time again through her thriving high school senior portrait business, which she runs out of her home just outside of Iowa City, Iowa.© Jaimy Ellis“I learned pretty quickly in my career that the more information and education I can give my client ahead of time, the easier the process... Continue Reading >

Bringing it: Josh Petersen’s thriving senior portrait business

August 2019 issue Profiles

Josh Petersen © Josh Petersen“I’ll be honest, I’m a little surprised at how well it’s done,” says portrait photographer Josh Petersen.He’s referring to his recent business transition from conducting in-person sales in his 2,400-square-foot studio to conducting in-person sales in clients’ homes. Since most of his portrait work of high school seniors is done on location, he felt his huge studio space was overkill. So he ditched it for a small office that he uses as a workspace... Continue Reading >

In real life: Nichole Manner connects with seniors

August 2019 issue Profiles

© Nichole Manner Photographer Nicole MannerA phone consultation with a teenager? That’s unusual, says photographer Nichole Manner, M.Photog. These days, teens avoid talking on the phone like the plague. So nine times out of 10, Manner’s pre-session phone consultation to gather information about the subject’s interests and personality is a conversation between herself and the subject’s parent. Nevertheless, she makes an effort to connect with teens directly via their preferred... Continue Reading >

Josh Hanna hits the mark with moody senior portraits

April 2019 issue Profiles

Finding properity by embracing limitationsLike many photographers, Josh Hanna, CPP, spent his first few years in the business just trying to gain a foothold. He hustled, he bounced between specialties, he courted several different types of clients, and he tried anything and everything to find his place in the market.In 2015, about three years into operating his Cross Lanes, West Virginia, studio, Hanna’s perspective started to change. He stopped looking at the photography market as a... Continue Reading >