Classic Carry: Cecilia Camera Straps

1.30.2018 Tech

You can see the precision quality craftsmanship in Cecilia camera straps at first glance. The strong, even stitching, and the quality of the leather and wool speak of a product that will last. A strap this well made comes from a culmination of experience in leather manufacturing. Though founded in 2013, Cecilia's heritage dates back to 1898 with the Cromwell Leather Group, and it is a fifth-generation family-run business.We tried out two straps: the Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap and... Continue Reading >

Invest in durability and stability

February 2018 issue Tech

Even in these days of image stabilization and vibration reduction built into cameras, using a tripod liberates your body, freeing up energy that can be better spent paying attention to your subject, to the light, to framing and composition, and to all the small details that make or break a photo. Tripods can be heavy and bulky, but they don’t need to be. Though expensive, a good tripod is a long-term investment that pays for itself many times over years of use and abuse.Qualities to look... Continue Reading >

Product review: Edelkrone Flextilt II

January 2018 issue Tech

Sometimes I come across a product that looks like a solution in search of a problem. That was my impression when I first encountered ads for the Edelkrone FlexTilt II. What could possibly be useful enough in a single-direction tilt head to justify a $149.99 price tag? But the more I thought about, I realized I spend a lot of time on location fashioning a custom mount so I can precisely place a camera or a light where it needs to be. Maybe this was something I should try out after... Continue Reading >

Product review: Vivid-Pix image restoration software outperforms Lightroom

June 2017 issue Tech

Image restoration in one click. Sounds too good to true, but Vivid-Pix provides two options for (near) one-click fixes: Restore (for Windows), Land and Sea (for Windows and Mac), and Land and Sea Plus (for Windows and Mac).For each product, the simple process begins with a visual comparison to determine what looks best. You select an image (or multiple images) to restore, the software opens a window that shows nine variations of the image, and you choose the one with the best brightness and... Continue Reading >

Product review: Sirui filters prove analog still beats digital

June 2017 issue Tech

While digital methods have supplanted many analog techniques of the past, some things are still best left analog. One is the use of filters on a camera lens.There are digital filters designed to mimic analog polarizing and graduated neutral density filters, but they never quite get it right. And there’s no digital substitute for a protective UV-reducing filter or 10-stop neutral density (ND) filter. Sirui has a new product line of filters that includes a screw-in UV, circular polarizer, and... Continue Reading >

An image editor to challenge Photoshop

5.5.2017 Tech

If you’re a PC user, you know there are Windows-compatible photo imaging programs aimed at taking on Adobe products. Now Serif Europe has joined the fray. After last year’s highly successful introduction of Affinity Photo for the Mac, Serif Europe has released Affinity Photo for Windows. The identical feature set allows full cross-platform compatibility of the two products.Feature for feature, Affinity Photo in its present version 1.5.1 comes close to matching Photoshop and offers many... Continue Reading >

4 Image backup strategies

11.22.2016 Tech

Photographers get the cold sweats just thinking about it: losing thousands of images in a single moment. When the hard drive you use to store digital files fails, will you be prepared? Because hard drive failure is not a possibility, it's a likelihood. That’s why it’s essential to back up your digital files.Consider each of these four options, not independently of one another, but as combined methods to redundantly back up and protect your creative life’s work.1. Back up to a disc.... Continue Reading >

Bring a mini studio to your client

November 2016 issue Business

Lollipop Props system is a small-scale charmerIt can be challenging to talk new parents into leaving the comfort of their home right after having a baby, but that’s the best time for adorable newborn photography. With the Little Studio System from Lollipop Props by Westcott, you can take the studio to them. This 42-inch setup ensures studio-quality portraits—including stylish backdrops and faux wood floors—wherever you are.The foundation of the setup is a 12-piece aluminum frame... Continue Reading >

SpiderHolster launches new gear for mirrorless and small DSLR cameras

10.18.2016 Tech

SpiderHolster announced new entries in its line of products introduced through Kickstarter: the new SpiderLight Holster and Plate, SpiderLight Single Camera System, and SpiderLight BackPack Adaptor. By using Kickstarter, SpiderHolster essentially allows consumers an opportunity to pre-order a product at a significant discount on the anticipated retail price.The SpiderLight Holster and Plate are designed for mirrorless cameras and small DSLRs. Lightweight and durable, the SpiderLight Holster... Continue Reading >