Feeling it: Relaxed leather mini albums

July 2018 issue Tech

Thanks to its soft, relaxed leather, the 4x5 Mini Leather Wrap Album from H&H Color Lab begs to be picked up and opened. Select from four design themes—Charmed, Hearts, Diamonds, and Primitive—with a choice of watercolor, art matte, or recycled paper. It’s available with eight to 24 sides.The four styles work for weddings, engagement, boudoir, seniors—practically any kind of session. The albums are handcrafted, with each signature group sewn in.The service time is three days, and... Continue Reading >

eVOLV 200 Output Tests

July 2018 issue Tech

The Adorama Flashpoint eVolv 200 TTL Modular Strobe fills a niche when you need more power than a speedlight but don’t want the hassle or bulk of a monolight. It’s only slightly larger than a hot shoe flash and smaller, lighter, and faster to set up and use than a monolight. It also has a built-in R2 radio remote. I measured output with the eVolv 200 set for manual operation, using a Sekonic L-758DR meter set for ISO 100, 1/250-second shutter-speed, and the incident dome in the retracted... Continue Reading >

Review: Adorama Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL Modular Strobe

July 2018 issue Tech

Why would you want the Adorama Flashpoint eVolv 200 TTL Modular Strobe with built-in R2 radio remote? Because there are times when a speedlight isn’t powerful enough and a more powerful monolight is too much hassle. The eVolv 200 has some sophisticated features yet it’s simple to use. In Adorama’s Flashpoint R2 family it fills a power niche between three larger and more powerful siblings—the Xplor 600, the Xplor 600 Pro, and the StreakLight 360Ws Flash TTL monolight—and the Flashpoint... Continue Reading >

Review: This LED light nails performance and price

May 2018 issue Tech

As LED lighting becomes a more viable option for still and motion photography, it’s important to look for a balance between high output, high quality light, cost, and size. The Lustra 50 from PRL Lighting fits that bill. For still photography the Lustra 50 is bright enough to use as a key or fill light for close-up work like still life and head-and-shoulders portraits or as an on camera light for event shooters. It’s equally well suited for small-scale video production.The Lustra 50 has... Continue Reading >

Kodak Scanza Digital Film Scanner is easy peasy

4.11.2018 Tech

The Kodak Scanza Digital Film Scanner is by far the easiest way I’ve come across to digitize film negatives and slides. Calling it a scanner is a bit of a misnomer as this device eschews the tedium of multi-pass scanning in favor of digital capture. Users can choose a 14-megapixel or interpolated 22-megapixel resolution capture to be saved directly to an SD card. Each capture takes only about a half-second.Adding to its efficiency, the Scanza uses simple adapters that allow you to feed the... Continue Reading >

SpiderPro V2 makes shooting from the hip better

3.1.2018 Tech

Spider Holster has released a new version of its SpiderPro camera holster, which was first introduced in 2009. The SpiderPro V2 adds anti-slip rubber grips to the plates that attach to the bottom of the camera or lens collar and a stainless steel anti-twist pin. The SpiderPro V2 Plate is designed to work with any tripod. The SpiderPro V2 Belt design is easily adjusted for size and comfort, fitting waist sizes from 28 to 50 inches.The SpiderPro Single Camera System V2 is $150; the Dual Camera... Continue Reading >

Classic Carry: Cecilia Camera Straps

1.30.2018 Tech

You can see the precision quality craftsmanship in Cecilia camera straps at first glance. The strong, even stitching, and the quality of the leather and wool speak of a product that will last. A strap this well made comes from a culmination of experience in leather manufacturing. Though founded in 2013, Cecilia's heritage dates back to 1898 with the Cromwell Leather Group, and it is a fifth-generation family-run business.We tried out two straps: the Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap and... Continue Reading >

Invest in durability and stability

February 2018 issue Tech

Even in these days of image stabilization and vibration reduction built into cameras, using a tripod liberates your body, freeing up energy that can be better spent paying attention to your subject, to the light, to framing and composition, and to all the small details that make or break a photo. Tripods can be heavy and bulky, but they don’t need to be. Though expensive, a good tripod is a long-term investment that pays for itself many times over years of use and abuse.Qualities to look... Continue Reading >

Balance and fluidity: Gitzo Fluid Gimbal Head

January 2018 issue Tech

The groundbreaking Fluid Gimbal Head from Gitzo not only celebrates the company’s centenary, it makes every movement of the camera precise and uninhibited. The balance is extraordinary, even with heavy equipment, so it’s an excellent partner for wildlife photography.The GHFG1 gimbal head employs fluid cartridge technology from the video industry, absorbing vibrations and ensuring smooth movement. The cartridge’s Whip-Pan feature allows for outstanding device control in high-speed... Continue Reading >

Product review: Edelkrone Flextilt II

January 2018 issue Tech

Sometimes I come across a product that looks like a solution in search of a problem. That was my impression when I first encountered ads for the Edelkrone FlexTilt II. What could possibly be useful enough in a single-direction tilt head to justify a $149.99 price tag? But the more I thought about, I realized I spend a lot of time on location fashioning a custom mount so I can precisely place a camera or a light where it needs to be. Maybe this was something I should try out after... Continue Reading >