Review: Sony FE 20mm f/1.8G Lens

October 2020 issue Tech

Sony’s FE 20mm f/1.8 G is an ultrawide-angle full-frame lens made for Sony E-mount cameras. Relatively small and light, this prime lens has excellent optics and autofocus speed.© Courtesy SonyThe sample I evaluated was sharp from center to corners and exceptionally well corrected for both optical and geometric distortions. It was an excellent match for Sony’s current flagship camera, the 60-megapixel a7R IV. Even with erratically moving subjects at close range and large apertures,... Continue Reading >

Handy Camera Plate and Smartphone Adapter

September 2020 issue Tech

Why switch out the quick-release plate when you change capture methods? Mount almost any camera or smartphone to any Arca Swiss-compatible tripod head with Benro’s ArcaSmart 70. The plate switches from a camera mount to a spring-loaded mobile device holder with a simple flip.© Courtesy BenroThe ArcaSmart 70 fits most smart devices from 55mm to 85mm in width (including the phone case if you’re using one). It’s compatible with most Arca-Swiss style ballheads, three-way heads, and... Continue Reading >

DJI Mavic Mini Review: Fun Flyer

8.20.2020 Tech

Most people can’t hide a grin when they hold the DJI Mavic Mini in the palm of their hand because they just can’t believe how light it is. Battery installed, this diminutive drone weighs just over a half pound—249 grams—which means you don’t have to pay to register the drone with the FAA. DJI has done it again. They’ve literally redefined the concept of a take-anywhere aerial camera by designing a feature-rich drone that will fit in the most compact spaces.Key FeaturesLike... Continue Reading >

Review: Exposure Software Offers Efficiency Plus Flexibility

8.20.2020 Tech

When it comes to editing, time is money. Alough efficiency is key, sometimes you need flexibility when it comes to presets and adjustments. That’s where Exposure Software comes in. It helps you make the most of your workflow while allowing flexibility. Exposure Software’s main application is called Exposure X5. If you’re an Adobe user, the interface will look familiar. Exposure boasts a variety of enhancement tools specifically tailored to photography: vignette, grain, bokeh, infrared,... Continue Reading >

Review: Canson’s Infinity Baryta Photographique II

7.15.2020 Tech

Baryta inkjet papers took the fine-art inkjet printing world by storm more than a decade ago. When a paper is labeled a Baryta, it usually means the paper base is coated with barium sulfate, a clay-like material used in traditional silver gelatin photo papers for over 100 years. Baryta papers generally have the contrast, color saturation, and sharpness of RC (resin-coated) papers and fine art watercolor-type inkjet papers. Most Baryta papers have a paper base that feels like paper rather than... Continue Reading >

Product highlight: Epson SureColor Desktop Printers

June 2020 issue Tech

Epson has brought the best of its wide-format printer technology to two new desktop printers: the 13-inch SureColor P700 and the 17-inch SureColor P900. These units are compact compared to previous SureColor P-Series desktop printers while boasting innovations such as 2.4 and 5 Ghz wireless networking. The printer drivers have seen remarkable improvement. New Epson Media Installer software eliminates the frustration of determining settings and profiles. Instead, it’s just one step to... Continue Reading >

Review: Nissin MG80 Pro Flash Is an Appealing Option

June 2020 issue Tech

A lot of companies make a range of TTL controllable battery-powered electronic flashes with built-in radio receivers, but Nissin does things a bit differently than most. When you pick up a Nissin hot shoe mount flash like the MG80 Pro, you notice that it’s heavier and more solidly built than its competitors.Turning on an MG80 Pro or MG10 flash wakes up a unique feature of the Nissin flashes: an electromagnetic mechanism moves the Fresnel lens to match the angle of view of the camera lens... Continue Reading >

Review: Nikon D780 is a Winning Hybrid Camera

June 2020 issue Tech

Seemingly a hybrid of Nikon’s D750 DSLR and Z 6 mirrorless models, the camera-maker’s new D780 sounds promising, but does it live up to my hope of being the best all-around Nikon of the modern era?Since its introduction in 2014, the D750 has been Nikon’s most popular DSLR for advanced amateurs and many professionals, myself included. Yet after six years and the introduction of the Z 6 mirrorless, the D750’s shortcomings, though few, are apparent. This is particularly true with respect... Continue Reading >

Product review: Gnarbox Portable Drive

May 2020 issue Tech

For photographers on location, our most valuable assets are memory cards holding newly created media. Those images and videos are irreplaceable, so protecting them is key. That used to mean bringing along a laptop or writing to two cards in-camera. Not anymore.The Gnarbox 2.0 SSD is a portable drive that allows you to back up and verify your files in the field without a laptop. It’s about the size of a smartphone and weighs less than a pound. Two new key features debuted with version... Continue Reading >