Review: Sigma 105mm F1.4 DG HSM Art Lens

12.24.2018 Tech

For the love of BokehThe Sigma Photo 105mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens is part of the company’s Global Vision line of Art, Sport, and Contemporary lenses. It is a solidly constructed, large-aperture, large-bodied (for its focal length) autofocus lens designed for full-format (24x36mm) cameras. And like the other Sigma Art lenses, it delivers superb optical performance at a reasonable price. One thing about Sigma’s Art series lenses is that they make you feel as if the people who make them truly... Continue Reading >

Over the Lens: PolarPro Filters

December 2018 issue Tech

 Despite the wide availability of digital post-processing filters for still photography, there are some  effects that still require a lens-mounted filter. A strong neutral density (ND) filter can be used to capture moving water and clouds with a dreamy effect, for example. Less strong ND filters are essential to keep the shutter speed at or below the maximum sync speed when you’re using on-camera flash for fill in sunlit situations.Videographers have different needs, and some of these can... Continue Reading >

Design Value: ProMediaGear BBX Boomerang Flash Bracket

December 2018 issue Tech

I’ve had an ongoing tolerate-hate relationship with flash brackets for decades. Each one I’ve owned has been an awkward one-trick pony. But the ProMediaGear BBX Boomerang has changed my feelings about flash brackets. Designed by working photographers, the Boomerang has gone through a series of refinements since it was introduced in 2010 by ProMediaGear’s engineer-photographer Fudala brothers. The bracket’s name is derived from the boomerang-like curve of the arm, an asymmetric arc that... Continue Reading >

Pro review: Cactus V6 II wireless flash trigger

11.25.2018 Tech

Canon or Nikon? What do you shoot? As photographers we often start conversations like this because once you’ve made that decision, you’re committed. But when it comes to speedlights and flash units, that’s not the case thanks to the Cactus V6 II wireless flash transceiver.Cactus calls the V6 II “the world’s first wireless flash trigger that supports cross-brand high-speed sync (HSS),” including power output and zoom features on speedlights manufactured by Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon,... Continue Reading >

First look: Nikon Z 6 and Nikkor Z series 50mm lens

11.9.2018 News

In August, Nikon announced the upcoming release of its new mirrorless Z-mount Nikon Z 6 and Nikon Z 7 cameras, and writer-photographer Stan Sholik had an opportunity to train the Z 6 on a variety of subjects in a variety of lighting situations. Here’s his first look at the Nikon Z 6.  About the Nikon Z 6: The Z mount system is a new, larger diameter mount that opens new possibilities in lens design. Mirrorless camera Backside illumination Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor with built-in... Continue Reading >

Easy swap Westcott Switch Series

November 2018 issue Tech

Have you ever settled for a soft box during a session because the one you really wanted to use had the wrong mounting ring? You’re not alone. And now there’s a solution with the new Westcott Switch series.You may be familiar with the Rapid Box, a collapsible soft box that can be assembled in moments. The Switch series soft boxes and beauty dish are collapsible, plus they have easily interchangeable mounting inserts.© FJ WESTCOTT Rapid Box Switch Octa-M, attaching insert This is... Continue Reading >

Review: Sigma 70mm F2.8 Macro Art Camera Lens

November 2018 issue Tech

Macro photography reveals the art of the smallMacro photography is always tricky, but when done well, it reveals a world our unaided eyes cannot perceive. Macro photography is hard because it comes with its own set of problems: The depth of field is shallow (unless you use focus stacking), and the small scale makes lighting control difficult. True macro photography covers the 1X to 10X magnification range of a subject. Lenses that natively magnify greater than 1X, like Canon’s MP-E 65mm... Continue Reading >

Keep sand off your gear

November 2018 issue Tech

There’s not much worse for photographic equipment than sand and saltwater. When you have a session on a beach, anything that touches the ground is likely to come up sandy. CGear offers a solution to keep sand at bay.The dual weave design of the Sand-Free Mat allows small particles to fall through the blanket without being able to work their way back up. These mats allow you to set up a staging area for your gear with far less exposure to the type of grit that can cause costly problems down... Continue Reading >

A sun-powered trailer for your outdoor photography adventures

October 2018 issue Tech

When it’s time to follow your dreams and take to the open road, there’s nothing like a solar-powered Vistabule Teardrop trailer to make a home away from home. Its built-in Sunflare solar panels gather energy throughout the day to have a charge ready just in time for the golden hour.The trailer is designed to be beautiful and energy efficient, blending technology with comfort and economic design. Start with a basic package and add custom features to fit your needs. From storage to... Continue Reading >

Review: Think Tank updates its Retro bag

9.20.2018 News

Life as a working photographer seemed simpler 30 years ago. For most of us, labs processed our color film and filters were something we put on the front of our lenses. Like a lot of my contemporaries back then I used the simple and sturdy canvas Domke camera bag. Over 24 years of using them I wore out three before switching over to the wheeled cases and backpacks made by Think Tank Photo. A few years ago, I started thinking about all the gear I was talking myself into carrying and went back to... Continue Reading >