Editor’s Note: Assured in Ourselves

September 2020 issue Business

© Eddie Tapp Jane GabouryIf we don't believe, who will?Self-confidence is more than healthy self-esteem. But it’s not bravado or boastfulness. Self-confidence is a conviction in our own abilities. It’s trust in our talents. It’s a belief that we are able to do what must be done. Self-confidence is a state of mind. It isn’t earning the award that makes us confident; it’s the knowledge that we’ve mastered the subject that earned us the award.This month, PPA President Gregory... Continue Reading >

Vicens Forns Is Married to His Art

September 2020 issue Profiles

When Vicens Forns moved from Barcelona to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010, it was an exercise in reinvention. Seeking a new start at the height of an international recession, Forns turned to something he’d loved since he was a little boy: photography. Forns’ father and grandfather were hobbyist photographers. And now Forns would pick up the camera professionally, first doing architectural and real estate photography before finding his true passion: photographing people. He photographed... Continue Reading >

A Plan for Smart Business Growth

September 2020 issue Business

From solopreneur to sustainable business owner© Courtesy Sabrina Starling Sabrina StarlingAs many independent professional photographers can attest, there’s a certain freedom that comes with running your own show, on your own. You’re beholden to no one. You call the shots. And the business lives or dies based on what you alone decide.But that can also be a problem. If you’re good at what you do, then you’ll eventually run into the classic dollars-for-hours conundrum. As a... Continue Reading >

Map a Bright Financial Future

September 2020 issue Business

If it’s true that hindsight is 20/20, then shouldn’t I be able to look back in order to move forward? The pandemic has been a time for me to embrace change and anticipate a bright future. So while I was closed, I made it my 2020 goal to do just that.I started by evaluating the landscape. First, my brand. What does it stand for in the public eye? What does it say about me as a photographer and about my company overall? I discovered that my brand is strong among my target consumers. Then I... Continue Reading >

Create a Brand that Resonates

July 2020 issue Business

A Different Kind of DifferentFor a long time, there’s been a movement around differentiation. The idea is that being different helps distinguish you in the market, which can perhaps make you more successful. Well-intentioned business experts have created volumes, courses, webinars, keynote speeches, articles, books, and videos—all teaching people how to be different.Then everyone took the advice and everyone’s different became the same.So if we’re all different in the same way,... Continue Reading >

Closed for Social Distancing but Open For Opportunity

June 2020 issue Profiles

Use This Time to RevampAs I write this, it’s the end of March, and the world is upside down. While I’m staying very busy with business projects during the pandemic lockdown, I don’t know when my husband, Michael Taylor, M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., and I will get back to working with clients. But I do know we can control how we make that transition when the time comes.We’ve all seen stores close temporarily for renovation. They sacrifice revenue for a fixed amount of time, and when... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Break the Vicious Cycle

June 2020 issue Business

© Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsIf you sometimes find yourself frustrated, confused, exhausted, or befuddled because of clients, you’re not alone. The gap between client and photographer seems to have grown over the years. Lots of fantastic image makers enter the profession and become dismayed at how difficult it is to create a sustainable business.Most photographers begin making photographs for the love of the art. They acquire education to enhance their technique and build their... Continue Reading >

Wedding Photographer Richard Israel Embraces the Art of Authenticity

June 2020 issue Profiles

© Richard Israel Whatever work you love, that is what you should be doing, not what the crowd is doing.” - Richard IsraelWhen it comes to artistic expression, Richard Israel has always zigged when everyone else zagged. Since transitioning to wedding photography from a hair styling career around the turn of the 21st century, he has been on a relentless pursuit of authenticity, even if that means walking away from what’s on trend sometimes.An early adopter of digital photography, Israel... Continue Reading >