Christoffer Relander Superimposes Nature onto Portraits

September 2020 issue News

In-camera multiple exposure or digital compositing via Adobe Photoshop? For 10 years, Christoffer Relander remained true to the multi-exposure method for his ongoing series “We Are Nature.” “But I asked myself every now and then, Am I limiting myself?” So for his most recent iteration, “We Are Nature VI,” he went digital, using Adobe Photoshop to composite portraits made under studio lighting with photographs of elements in nature.The drawback of the in-camera work is the lack of... Continue Reading >

You Don’t Have to Print In-House to Print Fine Art

8.6.2020 Business

There’s nothing like the permanence and value of print, but many photographers don’t have the resources, space, or volume to justify having a fine art printer in their own home or studio.If you’re considering adding fine art prints to your selection of products, it’s not difficult to give it a try without a huge investment. There are several long-established print medium manufacturers from which to choose a paper that complements your style. And there are still many digital printing... Continue Reading >

How it Was Made: Kylli Sparre’s Wonder Wheels

August 2020 issue News

Waterway Becomes ScooterwayThe impossible seems possible in a dark Estonian river, thanks to Kylli Sparre’s composition, photographed as she lay face down on a rustic, railing-free bridge. The subject was able to sustain her pose thanks to a few large, flat rocks just under the surface of the water that supported her.© Kylli Sparre“The river wasn’t very deep this time of year and luckily quite warm as well,” Sparre says, “so it wasn’t as terrible as it might sound.”... Continue Reading >

Review: Canson’s Infinity Baryta Photographique II

7.15.2020 Tech

Baryta inkjet papers took the fine-art inkjet printing world by storm more than a decade ago. When a paper is labeled a Baryta, it usually means the paper base is coated with barium sulfate, a clay-like material used in traditional silver gelatin photo papers for over 100 years. Baryta papers generally have the contrast, color saturation, and sharpness of RC (resin-coated) papers and fine art watercolor-type inkjet papers. Most Baryta papers have a paper base that feels like paper rather than... Continue Reading >

A Shift to Macro Photography While Social Distancing

July 2020 issue Business

© Emmalee Schaumburgfollow your path of most resistance  Being a portrait photographer during a time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders has been challenging, to say the least. In 2012, I opened my first brick-and-mortar studio and concentrated on portraiture. I never would have thought I’d be forced to stay at home and temporarily stop doing what I love.While portrait photography is my primary focus and source of income, I also enjoy macro photography—specifically... Continue Reading >

Photographer Makes Fishing Self-portrait

May 2020 issue News

Solitude“The sunset was beautiful,” says Finnish fine art photographer Mikko Lagerstedt. So he rowed the boat out and made a photo of himself fishing. He left his Nikon D810 with AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 ED lens on a tripod ashore and used a Hähnel remote control to release the shutter. A few hours later, he photographed the starry sky from the same vantage point.“It was relatively easy to blend the images together as they were shot from the same place,” he says. “I love the... Continue Reading >

Photographer Stitches Phantom Wall into Photos

May 2020 issue News

The Berlin Wall fell decades ago but its ghost remains—stitched, if you will—into the fabric of the city’s psyche. Such is the theme of fine art photographer Diane Meyer’s series “Berlin,” where a pixilated representation of the former wall is embroidered into print photographs of locations where it once stood.Inspiration: Meyer has a clear memory of watching the fall of the wall on television when she was 13 years old, she says. But she didn’t become captivated by its... Continue Reading >

How Diaja carved a path to conceptual photography success

March 2020 issue Profiles

Unfailing confidenceCeres Henry was walking with a friend in Harlem one day three years ago when they passed by the recently opened X Gallery. Henry, artistically known as Diaja, was then a fledgling photographer and told her friend, “Let me just pop in and see.”“The curator [Lisa DuBois] was there, and I just walked up and said, How can I get my work into this gallery?” Diaja didn’t have her portfolio with her but showed DuBois some of her images on Instagram. “And she was... Continue Reading >

Photo series celebrates hardbound children’s books

March 2020 issue News

The feel of the pages. The colorful illustrations at beginning and end. Observing that many children read books on e-readers, Ellen Cantor became nostalgic for her favorite hard copy volumes from childhood. Using a mixture of her own books, her mother’s, and her friends’, Cantor created a photo series that honors the loved and worn hardbound books. She made her images in camera (not Photoshop) with a Nikon D800 on a tripod with one on-camera flash and one soft box, she explains, using a... Continue Reading >

Photographer Rus Khasanov creates liquid lettering

March 2020 issue News

Remember the silver side of the CD? The way it shimmered with a rainbow of color when you tilted it back and forth in the light? That unexpected iridescence inspired Rus Khasanov to create his photo series “Marmalade Type.” He spotted a scratched CD of ’90s music lying on the street and was hypnotized by its hues, he says. “I immediately had a great desire to experiment in this direction.”To create his images, Khasanov collected CDs and DVDs and wrote letters on their surfaces with... Continue Reading >