Scenery for sale: Making a profit from landscape photography

7.25.2019 Profiles

Laura and Doug Bennett © Dennis HammonEver since they met on a scenic mountain pass in Colorado more than 10 years ago,  Doug Bennett, M.Photog.Cr., and Laura Bennett, M.Photog.Cr., have been on a journey together. Photographic hobbyists turned professional landscape photographers, the Colorado Springs couple has clicked their way through life, building up successful nature and landscape photography businesses along the way. Now mostly retired, Doug and Laura look back on what it took to... Continue Reading >

Photographer Pelle Cass conveys sports events in single images

7.25.2019 News

One sporting event, one image. Pelle Cass’ time-lapse images of college sports allow viewers to see all the action in one still photograph. Here’s what we learned from Cass about his “Crowded Fields” series.How it began: Cass’ time-lapse street photography began to feel a bit too static, and he craved more action. That’s when it occurred to him that college sporting events could be the subject matter he was looking for. There’s plenty of action to photograph but without the... Continue Reading >

Photographer Tessa Dóniga translates “breakfast”

August 2019 issue News

When translated literally, what does the word “breakfast” mean? That’s the question bilingual Spanish photographer Tessa Dóniga answers with humor in her series “Break/fast,” a collaborative project with art journal Polpettas. “When I try to translate some words to one language from another, I question myself,” she says. “My challenge was to set in one image both terms [‘break’ and ‘fast’] in a visual composition that would be recognizable to the viewer.”The... Continue Reading >

4 lessons in fine art photography sales

July 2019 issue News

Douglas Hoffman, M.Photog., knows fine art photography sales. A longtime underwater image maker with a love of photographing whales, Maui-based Hoffman recently ended his lease at a gallery and is in the process of opening a new one, along with two partners, closer to his residence. Here’s his advice on selling fine art photography. Price it right. It’s not about ego. It’s about mathematics. And the math of what you need to charge for your work to keep your business thriving differs... Continue Reading >

Wedding photographer turns bouquets into fine art

July 2019 issue News

A tenderness for flowers inspired wedding photographer Steffi Smith to create fine art photography of clients’ bouquets and wedding reception arrangements. “It broke my heart when I would see all these gorgeous flowers and they would die afterwards,” she says. “I always take pictures of them, and one winter when I had nothing to do, I started messing around doing paintings of them.”© Steffi SmithSmith was a painter before she became a photographer, selling her work in galleries... Continue Reading >

International Photography Hall of Fame names 2019 inductees

July 2019 issue News

National Geographic assignment photographer and marine biologist Paul Nicklen captured this image of a grizzly bear surfacing  from salmon fishing in the Fishing Branch River in Yukon, Canada. He is one of eight photographers to be inducted into the class of 2019 Photography Hall of Fame by the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum. The other honorees include Bruce Davidson (social/civil rights photographer), Elliott Erwitt (advertising/documentary photographer), Ralph Gibson (art... Continue Reading >

Find the self in Cecilia Paredes’ camouflaged self-portraits

March 2019 issue News

Photographer Cecilia Paredes is nearly indistinguishable from the loud wallpaper and fabric patterns she uses in her ongoing portrait series.                                 Because she acts as the subject in most of the images, her assistants are charged with rehearsing and then painting the matching pattern onto her skin with body paint.“The main challenge is not the actual match of the pattern,” Paredes says, “but to come across with the message I as an artist would like to... Continue Reading >

Why Tony Hewitt’s photography business thrives on diversification

February 2019 issue Profiles

"It’s fair to say that I’m not someone who likes to sit still.”Anyone who’s met Tony Hewitt wouldn’t argue that. An Australian Institute of Professional Photography Grand Master of Photography, Hewitt is former Australian Photographer of the Year with a resume full of accolades. The Perth, Australia-based photographer started out in weddings, covering about 1,000 of them before evolving more into portrait work, then commercial photography, then fine art, landscape, and aerial... Continue Reading >