Malinda Julien’s two-pronged photography studio

December 2018 issue Profiles

"It’s kind of an odd combination,” admits Malinda Julien, CPP. Her Fort Worth, Texas, photography business has two divisions: one dedicated to high-volume dog show photography and another to commercial and editorial work with a focus on food and architecture. Malinda Julien © Malinda Julien“Twenty-five percent of our business is from the dog show world,” Julien explains, which earns the family-run company a whopping $250,000 a year. Since dog shows are contracted for five years,... Continue Reading >

Performing arts photography can be a lucrative sideline

April 2018 issue Business

Add $50K or more to your bottom line© Terry Bateman Photographer Terry Bateman“Once you’ve been involved in performing arts, it gets in your blood,” says Terry Bateman, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, a veteran of performing arts and music programs in his school days. “It’s something that stays with you, becomes part of you.”In 1979, Bateman was able to translate his affinity for the performing arts into a budding photography career when a local lab hired him to photograph some nearby... Continue Reading >

In praise of great glass: AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E

October 2017 issue Tech

If you use Nikon cameras and want to step up your portrait and events game, the AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED is right up your alley. It’s a superb short telephoto lens on an FX-series Nikon and a slightly longer telephoto on DX-format Nikons. Images made with this lens have crisp definition, and the autofocus is swift, sure, and nearly silent. Nikon users will be hard pressed to find a better lens for portraits or low-light photography.Nikon has a history of making fine 105mm lenses, but the... Continue Reading >

Photographer documents disabled vets’ athletic prowess

October 2017 issue News

Jim Dukes knows struggle. Working as a private explosive ordinance disposal contractor and a radiological emergency response team member, he sustained five traumatic brain injuries, the last of which was so devastating he had to learn again how to walk, read, write, and talk. He was also left without vision in one eye and hearing in one ear.“The analytical side of my brain really stopped working correctly,” Dukes says, “but the creative side started to blossom.” That’s when he... Continue Reading >

Stephen Green’s storybook photography career goes beyond baseball

July 2017 issue Profiles

High in a luxury stadium box, Cleveland’s basketball superstar LeBron James went crazy on national television, celebrating. Cleveland Indians’ Rajai Davis had just hit a three-run homer off the Chicago Cubs’ hitherto unhittable closer Aroldis Chapman. It was the eighth inning of the deciding game seven of Major League Baseball’s 2016 World Series, and it tied a game the Cubs had been leading since the first inning.Down in the photographers’ pit adjoining the Cubs’ dugout, veteran... Continue Reading >

Print-and-go portraits are crowd pleasers

10.14.2016 Business

makING on-site printing payDave Stana, Cr.Photog., CPP, of Frisco, Texas, and Bill Vahrenkamp, Cr. Photog., of Mansfield, Texas, want to show fellow photographers a pathway to more profits using the skills and equipment they already possess. On-site printing, they say, is something consumers want and will pay for.The key, notes Stana, is providing high-quality images that clients would expect from a custom portrait session or wedding booking, with the addition of a take-home product... Continue Reading >

9 Bar Mitzvah lessons

January 2016 issue Business

Tips on a lucrative, underappreciated nicheTraveling around the country speaking about and teaching photography, I always note the lack of bar/bat mitzvah photographers I meet. I didn’t set out to be bar/bat mitzvah photographer myself. I’m a wedding photographer who was asked to do a bar mitzvah and immediately discovered that this is an event photography specialty that’s overlooked. Now I book as many as I can and you should, too. Here’s why.© Booray Perry1. The money is... Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: Pricing events

October 2015 issue Business

Q. I’ve been doing pretty well with my photography business, which is location family portraits. One of my clients has asked me to shoot an event, though. How do I price that?A. There’s no simple answer to this question because before you can determine any pricing, you have to know your numbers. Determining your numbers takes work, but it’s an essential part of being an entrepreneur. You can’t just price your services the same as someone else’s; prices must be based on your unique... Continue Reading >