2019 Drone Awards Photographer of the Year

10.25.2019 News

Polish photographer Jacek Deneka was named 2019 Drone Awards Photographer of the Year for this aerial shot of cross-country skiers at the Bieg Piastow Skiing Festival in Jakuszyce, Poland. The 2019 Drone Awards contest honored winners in six categories: abstract, nature, people, sport, wildlife, urban, and video.The contest’s more than 4,500 submissions were judged by 44 photographer jurors from 34 countries. A gallery of the winning images will be displayed at the “Sky’s the Limit”... Continue Reading >

Review: DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

July 2019 issue Tech

© Justin Moore The 20-megapixel sensor on the Mavic 2 Pro gives aerial photographers more creative cropping options, including vertical crops like this photo of the USS Lexington anchored at Corpus Christi, Texas.Go anywhere, no compromiseA 20-megapixel Hasselblad camera in a foldable drone with 360-degree collision avoidance—too good to be true? Welcome to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, the latest incarnation of DJI’s wildly popular Mavic series.A couple of years ago, DJI acquired a majority... Continue Reading >

Filters On High: Tiffen Mavic 2 Zoom 6 Filter Kit

1.31.2019 News

Kudos to Tiffen for a well-designed collection. I tested the Mavic 2 Zoom 6 Filter Kit that’s part of the Tiffen ND (neutral-density) Aerial Collection for drones. My tests were of the six ND filters in the set— three ND and three ND with polarizer (PL) filters—which are housed in a nice tin case.© EDDIE TAPP Neutral density filters and polarizers are an essential tool in any photographer’s equipment bag, and they’re particularly important for creating long-exposure drone... Continue Reading >

Drone photography captures winding road to Transylvania

September 2018 issue News

Photographer Calin Stan has made more than 200 drone images of the exceptionally winding roads that lead to Romania’s legendary Transylvania. Here’s what we learned about the making of his series “Infinite Road to Transylvania”:Why these roads: Inspiration struck while Stan was traveling to see a client in Brasov along the twisted DN1A highway. He parked, got out of his car, and made a drone shot that went viral on social media. He turned that inspiration into a project, making... Continue Reading >

Product review: DJI Mavic Air drone

July 2018 issue Tech

The Mavic Air, introduced in January, represents the latest iteration of DJI’s top-selling drone line, the Mavic series. The Air name might represent that the drone is about half the weight of the Mavic Pro or could simply serve as a reminder that DJI is the Apple of drones in that it dominates the worldwide market share. What is clear about the Mavic Air is that it represents another evolution in DJI’s mission of bundling new features into a take-anywhere package.© Justin... Continue Reading >

360-degree aerial series reimagines Barcelona’s sights

June 2018 issue News

Tourist areas are reimagined as tiny globes in Bruno Alencastro’s 360-degree aerial series. The Brazil-based photographer created the photos during a recent stint living in Barcelona, Spain.Inspiration: Alencastro lived by the famed Sagrada Familia church, where he witnessed on a daily basis countless tourists snapping the same photos of the site. He was driven to produce something unique, and he enjoyed the result so much that he repeated the process in other tourist areas. Equipment and... Continue Reading >

Reporting Requirements for Drone Accidents and Incidents

4.10.2018 News

The number of pilots certificated to fly unmanned aircraft (UAS or drones) commercially is increasing, as well as the number of people flying unmanned aircraft for hobby or recreational use, so it’s important to be familiar with the FAA and NTSB rules for unmanned aircraft accident reporting.The FAA and NTSB each have different rules to ensure proper oversight of certain UAS operations, and different rules mean that some events may have to be reported to one agency but not the other.For... Continue Reading >

Product review: DJI Spark drone

March 2018 issue Tech

There’s an old adage that the best camera is the one you have with you. For many of us, that camera is often the smartphone in our pocket. Drone maker DJI wants to add a camera to your take-it-everywhere collection. To do this, the company introduced a tiny drone that weighs just over a half pound, takes 12-megapixel photos, shoots HD video, and can cut through the air at over 30mph. They named this little aerial marvel Spark.© Justin Moore Spark can fly in Sport mode up to 30mph if you... Continue Reading >

Product review: DJI’s Inspire 2 drone

October 2017 issue Tech

The Inspire 2, DJI’s flagship professional drone, will fill you with creative inspiration. This is the long-awaited successor to the Inspire 1, a drone that became the mainstay on movie sets around the globe. The $2,999 price tag (without camera) reflects its superior level of engineering and sophistication.AIRFRAMEThe Inspire 2 inherits its predecessor’s design, with landing gear that pivots upward to bring the motors above the fuselage, allowing the camera to have an unobstructed... Continue Reading >

What you need to know about drone registration and licensing

4.21.2017 Tech

There are few technologies today with more conflicting regulations and misinformation than that of the legal operation of small unmanned aircraft systems, more commonly referred to as drones.Let’s start with the basics: aircraft registration, operator licensing, and insurance.© Russell Caron 1. REGISTERING YOUR AIRCRAFTRegistering the aircraft is easy and inexpensive. The FAA website is where you need to register any aircraft weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds. If you're a... Continue Reading >